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The biggest strength

Posted Oct 10 2013 8:38am

The biggest strength of the Archmage is its ability to [respecialize] into totally different lines, and in essence change his/her job completely. Where is fast to buy cheap Fifa 14 Coins   ? The web site is .The biggest weakness is you have to choose a line to spec in or be mediocre at everything.



Although, in my opinion, that's good balance and not necessarily a weakness,rdquo; says Pretty, an Archmage with four tiers of experience. The hybrid option for this somewhat unconventional portrayal of a healer is one of the draws for players who donrsquo;t want to be type cast into a role of sole healingmdash;although a primary healer is not out of the question. ldquo;Though the Archmage is a hybrid at heart, if played/specced properly, it is a superb pure healer. It's not much of a buffbot, but there is a tree available to be an excellent de-buff bot.rdquo;



For Archmages, the three career paths are of Isha, Vaul, and Asuryan. Each allows the player to customize the strengths of his or her own character. They can pursue a healing role, a larger support role through de-buffs, or even take on a largely offensive style of play.Isha is the path of healing. Followers of that path will especially enjoy Funnel Essence and Magical Infusionmdash;those two skills no doubt make Archmages quite a few new friends along the way.

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