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The battle of Amazon and Apple lasts to the field of mobile phones

Posted Nov 24 2011 7:28am
Citigroup analysts citing news that supply chains, Amazon is developing smart phone talks with Foxconn, the phone will use the Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processors, the cost is about US $ 150 to $ 170. Citigroup indicated in his report, after the Kindle ebook reader launched, and Amazon recently with the Kindle Fire entered into the Tablet market, next reasonable measures for Amazon will be the introduction of the smart machine. So what Smart phone product Amazon to make it stand out in the latest iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone mobile phones? Price When it comes to it products purchased, the price will remain an important factor, which is why the Kindle Fire that can get such a cause of concern. Amazon still exist a variety of options in the pricing strategies. Such as Technology blog BusinessInsider contributing editor Dan Frommer has recommended Amazon to provide special offers, and CNET editor Harry McCracken is expected to provide free wireless service packages. I think Amazon should provide their unlocked version of Smart phone with a consumer affordable price, currently the unlocked version of intelligent machines cost hundreds of dollars. If Amazon or near cost price sales at cost bare metal, the Smart phone will be sold. Hardware Although the consumer affordable price is important, Amazon cannot be ignored the same hardware configuration. Consumers now want its Smart phone with the latest technologies and can really take advantage of Amazon's part of the services. There are also rumors that Amazon Smart phone will take the Texas Instruments OMAP 4 dual core SoC processors, while the processor power consumption maintaining high performance is also relatively low, and supports PC experience Web browsing, supports 1080P HD video capture and playback. I think Amazon Smart phone should be equipped with at least 4-inch display, so as to watch videos and read e Books better. The phone can also download and watch streaming content by 4G network. Moreover, the new mobile phones must be equipped with a good camera. While Amazon's cloud services can provide 8GB of storage space for each user, but 16GB external storage space (or extended storage) would be better. Services and content Amazon has an edge on the Music, video, eBook, magazine content, referring on their Kindle Fire approach, I expected that Amazon put its services with intelligent machines go together closely, consumers can easily consume the latest on the device and the old content. Including consumers watch from the stream media from the Amazon Cloud Server, and borrow books through Kindle library leasing services. What is more, it also can make 3d videos with a 2d to 3d converter. After make an evaluation to Kindle Fire pointed out that Amazon services is good. If they launch the smart machine, the differences will become an important service delivery indicator. The operating system Amazon's simplest and most logical choice may be using the Android operating system as a major system, they have been around the Android to design a set of user experience, and launched the app store. But whether Amazon will taking over webOS system, user experience around the system to build smart machines. Amazon not only to produce a series of patent portfolio, you can also use the webOS phone good multitasking and contact management system. However, Amazon needs to convince developers to its development and application, they may not carry out the investment. I think that the operating system can be compatible with any device and play many common videos without a dvd to ipad converter. If Amazon continues to insist Android route, then I think they need to significantly improve the user interface. Although the Kindle Fire looks very fashionable, sometimes the user experience is very slow and depressing. Amazon should give some control keys even more beautiful and simple.
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