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Posted Jan 03 2013 11:20am
a flash in the pan. Today in the fourth quarter after the key moment of the points, the lakers' defense is still loose, the most obvious scene is final. In the Nash and CiShiPing [micro bo] has missed three points, four points behind the lakers have no choice foul tactics, air max 2011 womens they wanted to keep a to have any chance to counter-attack. But when the lakers iso but no marking, they set aside a road in the defense, the results holliday fast into the ball, breakthrough dunk after the lakers lost hope. See the ball, CCTV unitrode application note the guest is very angry. I couldn't help but to say "a lonely man, the lakers lost today is a lonely man". As is known to all, unitrode application note guidance are very fond of the lakers, said CCTV first lake honey. The so-called "love deep, the pain of the cut", see the lakers so bad defense, and because no defense and lose, this natural let zhang guidance rather disappointed, cheap air max 2011 he would burst coarse. For the lakers, if they really want air max 2012 to achieve champions dream, make up the four giant is just a starting point, they will pay more efforts. Nash return drive the team's offense, but their defense was still far short of the handsome, Germany has not been good at defense coach, but he also can't completely ignored the existence of defense. If the lakers' defense or so bad, so they in the season to won't go very far away. The Los Angeles lakers [micro bo] home suffered another defeat, they are the Philadelphia 76 ers revenge. Although kobe Bryant got the highest 36 points, but he was powerless to prevent the fate of the team lost. In this battle, Bryant and let people have a "inverse growth" feeling, several air max 2012 of his breakthrough is quite beautiful. Maybe it is a game against the Portland trail blazers shot when feeling some poor, kobe Bryant did not start today after the cosco distance there are too many shots, but more to choose breakthrough to attack, the people have more opportunities to appreciate kobe Bryant's performance. Kobe Bryant in this section has not only the bottom line break after the rod layup, and breakthrough of reverse dunk, his
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