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That Syria will be deadly chemical Cheap Beats By Dre weapons sarin gas injection space

Posted Dec 08 2012 7:50am

That Syria will be deadly chemical Cheap Beats By Dre weapons sarin gas injection space missile, the pentagon list "are encamped against Syria" operational plan, will not rule out by the blow.

Cable news network (CNN) day quoted military official familiar with the issue said, collect the information display, in at least two place close to the military airport place, the Syrian government will sarin gas injection space missile, but there is no evidence to show that these "poison bomb" has mount to Syria aircraft.

Informed officials revealed that received the above information, the pentagon will are encamped against Syria column into real-time update operations plan, and that the United States increasingly worry, although the President barack Obama, secretary of state Hillary beats by dre cheap Clinton, were warned, but the Syrian government is still not in the use of chemical weapons to make any obvious concessions.

Informed officials say again, if Obama ordered to Syria assault, the americans in the area of fire is a problem, now not only fighters and bombers are ready, and loading "tomahawk" cruise missiles warships nearby, cruising, once on the Syrian territory by specific objectives precision strike.

For CNN reported that the pentagon spokesman George litle 7, could not be reached for comment, not only say to all kinds of possible, U.S. troops are ready to plan a series.

Syria chemical weapons problem in July this year the central hunan province. When the Wall Street journal reported that Syria entities sarin gas, mustard gas, cyanide and chemical weapons, and part of the weapon has been removed from the warehouse to the outside world, worry that these weapons or be used against Syria civilians or opposition.

Since the last weekend, the Associated Press and other media and quoted informed officials said, recently the United States and allied intelligence agencies found that Syria several chemical arsenals of storage of weapons be transferred out so far found no Syrian follow-up action, officials are trying to determine the Syria transfer these weapons motivation.Since then barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and secretary of defense palmer inside tower for official warned that the United States will not allow the use of any chemical or biological weapons, Syria not across the "red lines", otherwise the United States will take action, shall be investigated for severe Syrian government responsibility.

Vice President machi 7, Egypt, said the President's west may accept delay new draft constitution of a referendum, the premise is the practice will not lead to legal proceedings.

Machi said, Moore west will consider postpone the vote, but the opposition need to make sure that no challenge this practice. Because according to law, in the draft constitution was formally submitted to the President, must be in two weeks for a referendum.

The opposition's west people want cheap beats to cancel the draft constitutional referendum. The opposition have also listed the other and Moore west for the national dialogue conditions.

Egypt's official news agency says 7 days, the Egyptian election commission has put the constitution draft referendum overseas citizens vote date delayed. In Egypt the overseas citizens vote date the original plan and to start the day. XuanWeiHui said, it shall be responsible for the relevant affairs ministry requirements, the vote to 12 began.

XuanWeiHui did not show that the delay would affect was 15 in Egypt held a referendum on draft constitution. Reports say, overseas citizens vote is expected Cheap Beats By Dre to last week, and delay the vote start time perhaps display Moore west hopes to increase and the opposition consultation time.

Moore said west 6, as scheduled referendum on December 15, was the "everyone must comply with the constitution will".

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