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Ten New Changes For Google in Google Developers Conference

Posted Apr 19 2013 9:57am

On April 19, according to foreign media reports, Google I/O Developers Conference will be held this year from May 15 to May 17 Mo Sikang Exhibition Center in San Francisco. I/O was never there are amazing products, the following are of foreign science and technology website TechRadar counting Google I/O 20,130 aspect:

1.cross-platform communications services Babel

Babel screenshot has been exposed, a memorandum of the company Internet also has its presentation. Now is the time to hear it directly from Google's mouth features and availability of sources.

Although many media reports and sources have revealed a lot about the integration of Google's services for various communications, people eagerly at the I/O Conference are described in detail.

People want to know about Babel on Android, iOS, and Chrome compatibility, "one-off" features such as notifications alert, and when will join Talk, Hangouts, and Google Voice integration of Messages came in. Expect Google will soon be open to talk about this service.

2.the new Nexus 7 Tablet PC

In July, Google Nexus 7 7 inch tablet computer launched less than a year. Given the consumer electronics upgrades every year, launched at the Google I/O this year if the new generation of Nexus 7, not surprising.

IPad mini has 7 inch tablet computer is increasingly popular, so has now launched the new Nexus 7 appropriate to. The price of Nexus 7 is $ 199, which is much more expensive Apple iPad that has formed a certain challenge. Besides, we can also looking forward to the new and cheap Google Nexus 7 cases.

Rumors, Google will continue to collaborate with Asus next generation version of the Nexus 7. Expect the PPI (pixels per inch) will be promoted, which is rumored to be on the display quality comparable to iPad with retina screen mini 2.

Taiwan reported the electronic times, Nexus 7 will support the new 3G network, sell for between $ 149 and $ 199. Last year, the first generation of Nexus 7 was released at the Google I/O Conference, therefore the second generation are also likely introduced in this year's I/O.

3.Google goggles

Google has confirmed that Google's glasses to be sent in batches to "Explorer Edition" subscribers hands. The company yesterday announced its arguments and provisions prohibiting advertising of developer. But did not disclose the product also has a lot of fresh stuff.

For example, at present it has only a few third-party application development, and Developer Conference will be detailed and the perfect occasion to seek additional developer support.

It is also hoped that Google is more designed for myopia, Warby Parker even brings the fashionable eyewear manufacturers design products. Rumored Warby Parker is building some fairly current Google spectacle frames.

The much-anticipated also from #ifihadglass (I have Google goggles) event winner shows, believe it will beyond perfect vision, Google will show you real life, solve problems and living facilities of exciting features.

4.older Nexus 7 price will cute down

If the new generation of Nexus 7 Tablet announced, and the $ 199 price is lower than or close to the previous generation, that the previous generation will certainly reduce the price. This would make the Nexus 7 one of the cheapest Tablet PC on the market. Apple iPad 5 and iPad mini is also coming, so the iPad 4 and iPad mini will be cut down in price, the iPad accessories also will be cut down, for example, cheap iPad mini cases. If you want to learn more information about iPad accessories and Nexus 7 accessories, you can go to this website

Google will set the price at $ 149, $ 129 or 99 dollars? Price was so low? Google's strategy is to make the hardware prices close to the people, and earned income, and Amazon sells Kindle tablet is similar.

Although Google Play Store app store content optimized for Tablet than Apple's App Store application store, but there is nothing better than free Android tablet had fallen into the hands of consumers more attractive to developers.

5. Nexus 10 support cellular networks

As with the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 is also a very good, the price is close to the people of tablet computers. Its size is 10 inches, similar to that with the iPad. But with the iPad and the Nexus 7 different is that Nexus 10 does not support cellular networks.

Relies on Wi-Fi networks will have limit on Nexus 10 of use, Google fans have been looking forward to AT&T and it will be the mobile operator t-mobile support.

Industry estimates, it may occur shortly after, likely will be able to see at the Google I/O Conference. Nexus 10 is launched only a few months ' time, also does not need to be redesigned.

6. Google voice Assistant Now

Google Now seems a little gas, and I/O is the best stage to demonstrate all the new features.

In March, the sources said, Google will Now visit iOS platform. At that time, one is rumored to show for both iPhone and iPad, Google Now in YouTube version of the video appeared shortly after fading fast, people can not help but wonder whether your iOS version in development.

The personal assistant services may not login to Apple's platform, as rumored Google haven't submitted it to the App Store. According to people in the industry, if the rumours are true, then Google should soon be submitted. I/O may be the perfect time to publish the service.

In addition to the new system, people still want to see Google new features on the I/O, as well as messages about its small components.

7. home automation system Android@Home

This is a Home service.

As early as in 2011 on I/O, Google Android@Home Home Automation system will debut. Since then, never what was it news, and now is 2013, another I/O.

8. the Nexus 5 or to support LTE 4

Google and LG to create Nexus 4 has just launched a few months, the industry has reported a lot of rumors about its next-generation products. That is because the Nexus 4 is not compatible with most operators LTE services.

Although it is equipped with a Google latest "jelly bean" Android 4.2 system, it still lags in data speed of market-leading products. Such as Galaxy S3, HTC Smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and one competition, Nexus must support the next generation LTE network.

9. the streaming media player Nexus Q

This black plastic spherical device, Google certainly is both loved and hated.

Nexus Q used to be called is an excellent home entertainment solution, but now in Google on the Play which had already been marginalized. It does appear on top of Google Play, but is no longer sold.

10. Android 5.0

Android was last given a new version number already for a long time. Google has been to improve the Android 4, version 5 appeared on the I/O is unlikely. Now version named "jelly bean" continuation next-generation versions of Google named in the sweet name of tradition, called "Key lime pie".

Of course most of the Android phones haven't even used version 4.2, so even if the version 5 publishing to the I/O, it most likely will be a long time before the formal launch, might just be to lift people's appetite, to put pressure on Apple and the upcoming iOS 7.

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