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Teenage Drinking: Weighing the 4 Main Risks

Posted Apr 14 2011 10:11am

The teenage years are a time of risk-taking. Teenage drinking , teenage drug use, and sexual behavior are examples of risky behavior. Making new friends, getting out of your comfort zone, trying new hobbies are healthy ways teens take risks to learn more about themselves.

Here are  4 main consequences of your teen’s risk-taking:

1. Teenage drinking and teenage drug use can lead to underage drinking and driving which costs lives.

2. Teenage pregnancy from rape or poor judgment when drunk or high has life-long consequences.

3. Teenage drinking has health effects including effects on the develeping brain that may be permanent.

4. Underage drinking and driving, public intoxication, and drug possession have legal consequences that an stay on your record and affect your ability to get a job or get into a good college.

Be proactive about teaching your teens to think about their future. Let’s teach them to weigh the consequences of the risks they take. Evaluating repercussions, which is learned skill, is key for their growth into young adulthood. Teaching them to learn for their mistakes will help them succeed.


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