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Teenage Drinking? Use Alcohol Testing and Drug Testing Kits

Posted Apr 29 2011 11:34am

teenagedrinking1 Teenage Drinking? Use Alcohol Testing and Drug Testing Kits Parents call me often to say they are suspicious about teenage drinking or teenage drug abuse being a problem in their home. Your gut is telling you your teen is in trouble, but whenever you confront your son or daughter you are met with… “No. of course not, how can you even think that. Don’t you trust me?”. The majority of the time, parents are correct in their suspicions. After all, you probably know your own child better than he knows himself.

Here are basics to know about doing alcohol testing or getting a drug testing kit:

1. You can get alcohol tests and home drug testing kits at most local pharmacies for a reasonable price. Urine tests are lower priced than other forms of testing.

2. Many of these drug testing kits and alcohol tests are quite accurate, although an experienced “addict” may try to dilute his urine.

3. Saliva tests are easily collected, but are not as accurate as urine tests. They only show drugs or alcohol within a couple of hours of the substance being used. They are, however, useful if you are collecting the saliva right after your teen has come home from a party.

3.  Hair follicle tests requie the test to be sent to a lab and they can also be expensive. The main advantage is that they are highly accurate and show what drugs have been used in the lst 30-90 days.

4. Breathalzers are good to detect teenage drinking. Although they are not that accurate, they are inexpensive and a great message to your teen that they will be tested when they return home form being  with friends.

5. Alcohol has a narrow window to be tested (maybe 4 hours) whereas marijuana can hang around for 30 days.

Teenage drinking and teenage drug abuse can ruin your teen’s life and disrupt your family’s life. If you are suspicious, act on your gut instinct. Home drug tests kits and alcohol testing is a must. Set clear expectations with your teen about drinking and drug use and enforce consequences. Make it clear that not cooperating with a drug or alcohol test has the same consequence as “using”. Then if  your teen has a problem with drugs or alcohol you can get him the help he needs.

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