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Teenage Drinking Questions

Posted Apr 12 2011 5:46pm

Donald  Teenage Drinking Questions

Donald asks…

teenage drinking? ????????

what do you think of teenage drinking??
lol ? and why ?
im doing this for a school project.

Resize cropped Sarita Uhr 1400x1050 cropped  Teenage Drinking Questions

Teenage drinking may lead to dangerous consequences  like drinking and driving. Another unexpected consequence may be alcohol poisoning from teenage binge drinking or unintentional overdose when mixing alcohol with drugs or prescription pills. As a psychiatrist that treats addiction, Teenage drinking is a gateway to other drug use. Alcohol and  drug use affects the developing brain in ways that appear to be permanent. Also, teenage drinking before age 15 puts you at 4 times the risk of alcohol dependence as an adult. Therefore, I am against teenage drinking. The risks aren’t worth it.

Susan  Teenage Drinking Questions

Susan asks…

Teenage Drinking?

Are you okay with it?

I think teenagers just want to have fun with it. But we do it soo irresponibly. Theres so much more things we could do instead of drinking. But yet they still drink and more than less they get hurt or killed.

A kid that went to my school, Braydon. He was in a car just getting a ride home and the 7 other passengers were drunk while the driver who wasnt the original driver was on Ex. The car rolled 3 times and Braydon was thrown out of the car and it rolled over him. He passed away unfortunatly.

What are your thoughts on teenage drinking?

Resize cropped Sarita Uhr 1400x1050 cropped  Teenage Drinking Questions

Same answer as the one above. If you look at the scientific date, teenage drinking is not the worth the risk.

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