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Teenage Drinking: A Parent’s Positive Influence

Posted Apr 17 2011 6:15pm

teenagedrinking Teenage Drinking: A Parents Positive Influence Teenage drinking, according to a 2009 study (conducted by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse -CASA- at Columbia University), is influenced significantly by parental attitudes. The survey results from this study are fascinating in terms of the weight of parental attiude with teenage substance abuse:

Teenage drinking (and teenage alcoholism) are influenced by…

1. If teenage drinking is delayed and your child does not drink, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes until AFTER age 21, there is virtually no chance of adult problems with these substances of abuse.

2.If parents get drunk in front of their teen, 1/3 of teens exposed have double the chance of getting drunk in a typical month, triple the chance of smoking pot , and triple the chance of smoking cigarettes.

3. Teenage drinking is most heavily influenced by the father’s attitude. If a father is “OK” with teenage drinking, there is two and a half times the chance of a teen getting drunk in a typical month.

The bottom line is that the greatest risk for teenage drinking is one or both parents getting drunk in front of their kids and having a lax attitude that it is going to happen “anyway”.  Be clear about not tolerating teenage substance abuse and the results may be very positive in avoiding problems with teenage drug and alcohol use

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