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Teenage Drinking: 5 Facts For a Parent To Share

Posted Apr 23 2011 9:17pm

justsayno1 Teenage Drinking: 5 Facts For a Parent To Share Over 2/3 of teens say that parents are the main influence is their decision to drink. All parents should take advantage of this. Educate yourself about the current facts about teenage drinking and share them with your teen. If you can prevent underage drinking and driving, you may save your teen’s life.

Here are 5 things to share with your teen:

1. Teenage drinking leads to a greater chances of risky sexual beavior (teenage pregnancy, rape, STD’s).

2. There is a greater risk of physical violence with teen drinking.

3. According to the data from the 2010 Illinois youth survey, 67% of teens that drink before 15, use an illicit drug. This validates the theory that alcohol is a gateway drug.

4. Drinking before 15 leads to a 45% chance of becoming an alcoholic as an adult whereas if drinking is delayed until after 21 years old, there is only 7% chance. Also, the longer you delay drinking, the less the chance of teenage alcoholism too.

5. 40% of traffic fatalities are the result of teenage drinking.

Start talking to your kids when they are around 10 years old about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Model the right behavior. Keep communication open with your kids. Set very clear boundaries with your teens drink and use drugs. Avoid teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse and you will have a much smoother family life.

This is by far one of the best articles we have seen recently. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Each year it seems that somebody comes out with a new take on an old problem, however, this is the most interesting way to look at it that we have found.

If you have some tips on teenage drinking that you would like to share with our other readers, please leave your comments. We would welcome your input into the discussion.
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