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Teenage Binge Drinking: The Risk of Alcohol Poisoning

Posted Nov 24 2010 9:36am

passed out Teenage Binge Drinking: The Risk of Alcohol Poisoning A major risk of teenage binge drinking is alcohol poisoning. The main danger of alcohol poisoning is death! Alcohol poisoning is life threatening. Teenage binge drinking refers to drinking multiple alcoholic drinks in a short period of time. As a result, the teenager’s blood alcohol level rises too quickly because the liver can’t process the alcohol quickly enough. Here are 5 signs of alcohol poisoning:

1. Vomiting

2. Seizures

3. Losing consciousness

4. Slow or irregular breathing

5. Low body temperature

Immediate medical attention for teenage alcohol poisoning is critical to avoid coma or even death.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. If alcohol is at too high a level, it affects the breathing apparatus of the brain and a person can  stop breathing. Also- alcohol poisoning  can cause vomiting when the person has passed out. The drunk person can inhale the vomit into his lungs and suffocate.  He is unable to maintain normal body temperature and can become hypothermic. Lastly, if he has mixed alcohol with pills, he can unintentionally overdose.

The reality is teenage binge drinking is very common. If a teen passes out from drinking, his friends often decide to let him sleep it off and don’t get medical attention for him. If their friend has alcohol poisoning, his blood level of alcohol continues to rise while he is sleeping. Alcohol poisoning is not a hangover and a teen can end up in a coma and die.

How many drinks does it take to get alcohol poisoning? That answer depends  number of things including someone’s weight and how fast they are drinking. Girls get drunk much faster than boys because they are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol.

One typical drink causes a teenager blood alcohol to reach 25mg/ml. 4 drinks raise it to 100mg/ml and alcohol poisoning (liver failure and coma) occurs at levels of 500mg/ml. Teenage binge drinking and teenage alcoholism are both very serious.

20,000 people a year die from alcohol induced causes in the United States, not counting drunk driving accidents, cirrhosis, or other liver problems.

Educate your teen about the dangers of binge drinking including alcohol poisoning. Teenage alcoholism and alcohol poisoning can cost your teen his life.

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