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Teenage Alcoholism: Vodka Tampons; What’s Next?

Posted Dec 17 2010 12:49pm

tamponalcohol1 Teenage Alcoholism: Vodka Tampons; Whats Next? Teens come up with the absolute craziest ways to get drunk or high. It is absolutely mind boggling and shows how different teens think compared to adults. Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse are very serious problems. Teens whose parents are on alert about their drinking habits have created a new way to get drunk. A teen trend of mainlining alcohol is to soak a tampon with vodka (vodka tampons) and then insert! What- no way UGH- that ‘s the adult in us reacting.

Here is what they do and why? (this blog is not for the weak):

  • Girls soak the tampon in vodka (vodka tampons) and insert it into their vagina. Boys insert it rectally. One 35 year-old single mom found her daughter on the floor after she had inserted one in her vagina and one in her rectum. The 18 year-old wasn’t even able to walk back to her bedroom.
  • The effect from a vodka tampon is instantaneous as alcohol enters the bloodstream. The stomach is bypassed (no more sick stomach). It is like mainlining alcohol.
  • The danger is too much alcohol too quick. The alcohol vodka tampons damages surrounding tissues and disrupts the normal balance of bacteria in that area. It also causes burning.

Anyone suffering from teenage alcoholism tends to get very sneaky about their alcohol use. Teens are very innovative in their attempts to get drunk or high. Many times, they a step ahead of us. Parents are very naive about their teen’s ability to find new ways to get drunk or high (teenage drug abuse often accompanies teenage alcoholism in many instances).

My goal for this blog is to keep parent’s educated about teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse. Our best defense for helping our kids stay away from drugs and alcohol is to not be in parental denial about their impulsive, risk-taking behavior.

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