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Teenage Alcoholism Risk Lowered by Parental Support

Posted Nov 02 2010 9:15pm

Be emotionally supportive to your teen. You may be saving your kid from teenage substance abuse including teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse. Here is supportive evidence:

A recent study out of Montreal did a long term study (childhood to adolecence) involving 1037 boys from age 6-15 years old. The study had 3 phases: From age 6-10 years of age, school reports and teacher reports were evaluated for boys with aggressive/disobedient behavior. For ages 12-14, the study evaluated how close the boys were to peers and to family. For ages 14-15, the study evaluated which boys were at risk for teenage drug and alcohol abuse.

Of the “misbehaving” boys, which group, do you think, used the most alcohol and drugs?

The disobedient boys with strict parents who did NOT feel emotional support from their parents. These boys did not respond well to parental limits.

The disobedient boys least likely to abuse drugs and alcohol had strict parents who were emotionally supportive. Also, the group with the most well-behaved friends were also at the least risk for teenage drug use and teenage alcoholism.

Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse are very serious problems. Keep open communication with your teen. Show your teen love and emotional support. Encourage frienships with “good” kids. Although teenagers are greatly influenced by their peers, parental influence is still very important. Don’t underestimate this.

If you want additional help with teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse,  click here to register for my free report on, “How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make With Their Addicted Teen Or Young Adult Child”. It may save your family’s life. It outlines the typical mistakes families make that actually perpetuate teenage substance abuse.

Source for Quebec study:

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