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Teenage Alcoholism Predicts Young Adult Alcoholism

Posted Feb 28 2011 4:01pm

bingedrinking Teenage Alcoholism Predicts Young Adult Alcoholism Teenage alcoholism is a predictor of young adult alcoholism.

The earlier your teen drinks, the more likely your teen will have a problem with excessive drinking later. If your teen is experiencing teenage binge drinking, this is a significant risk factor for alcoholism as a young adult. So if you think your teen drinking habits are a passing phase, think again.

A recent study led by Richard Rose, an Emeritus Professor at Indiana University, looked at 600 pairs of twins (Finnish-300 boys and 297 girls) who they interviewed for their drinking habits. The twins were interviewed at 18 (Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index) and then they filled out a self-report questioonaire at age 25 (Semi-Structured Assessment of the Genetics of Alcoholism) which assesses 23 consequences from drinking.

Here is what they found:

1. The more excessive drinking problems they had at 18 years old, the more likely they would be diagnosed with alcoholism by age 25.

2. The predictive power of future alcoholism from this study was stronger in females than in males. The study even ruled out the variable of  parent drinking or “household” atmosphere contributing.

3. Females, although, they drank less quantity  of alcohol were found to suffer more hangovers, nauesa, and black-outs.

The study is vailable online in the journal  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research .

Beware: Heavy  teenage binge drinking (teenage alcoholism) is a danger sign for alcoholism as a young adult. The brain is still developing until age 25 and exposure to alcohol may even chenge the way the brain is wired, If your teen is binge drinking, get your teen professional help. If not, concentrate on prevention of teenage alcoholism.

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