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Teenage Alcoholism: Is YOUR Teen Vulnerable?

Posted Nov 06 2010 3:08pm

The teenage years are defined by extra risk-taking and impulsivity. Many teens at some point will try drinking or even drugs. Here’s the question that crosses many parent’s minds:

Why do some teens go on to suffer from teenage alcoholism or progress from teenage drug abuse to dependence? No one EVER wants their kid to go down this path. Here are the 4 most common reasons: 1. Your teen is genetically predisposed by alcoholic parents or parents that are drug addicts. For those who have a genetic predisposition, they are missing the “turn off” switch to stop drinking after several drinks. Also, alcoholic parents are giving their teenager the message that drinking alcohol in excess is “ok”.

2. Your teenager is suffering from anxiety, depression, or Attention Deficit Disorder  (ADD) and is attempting to self-medicate. In other words, teenage substance abuse occurs as your teen is attempting to feel “normal” or better.

3. Your teenager feels very insecure or has low self-esteem and therefore is more susceptible to peer pressure.  A sense of belonging to a group is a very strong drive for this age group.

4. Teens who have Conduct Disorder who are aggressive and disruptive are much more likely to suffer from teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse. Conduct Disorder is a known risk factor  for teenage substance abuse.

Teenage substance is a problem that needs to taken very seriously. Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse may lead to more serious drug and alcohol problems later in life. Other negative consequences include underage drinking and drinking, increased injuries, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, poor school performance, impaired judgment, and cognitive damage.

Tips for parents: set clear limits about drinking alcohol and drug use, praise your child for their positive attributes and accomplishments to help their self esteem, and if you suspect  your teen suffers from depression, anxiety, ADD, or any behavioral problems, take your teen to be evaluated by a professional so your teen does not attempt to self-medicate.

If you want additional help with teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse,  click here to register for my free report on, “How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make With Their Addicted Teen Or Young Adult Child”. It may save your family’s life. It outlines the typical mistakes families make that actually perpetuate teenage substance abuse.

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