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Teenage Alcoholism and Teenage Drug Abuse: Why Rehab?

Posted Mar 05 2011 7:28pm

rehab Teenage Alcoholism and Teenage Drug Abuse:  Why Rehab? What are the main advantages of inpatient rehab for teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse? If teenage substance abuse is a problem for your teen, it is a big decision to send them to a 45-60 day program. On top of that, it is a huge financial decision. Also, teenage substance abuse tends to respond to inpatient rehab after 3-4 times. It is rarely a one time treatment. What are the advantages of inpatient rehab?

Here are 6 distinct advantages of sending your teen to inpatient rehab for teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse:

1. Your teen can be safely detoxed off drugs and alcohol in a controlled environment and kept a comfortable as possible.

2. Your teen is removed from the environment in which he was using drugs and alcohol- the peer group as well as school pressures and pressures from home.

3. Your teen will be immersed in learning new coping skills to deal with life stressors and will be educated about addiction. Your teen will ideally be around peers who are also learning to live sober, so it is a supportive environment.

4. Your teen will get frequent individual  and group counseling and hopefully an evaluaton by a psychiatrist to determine underlying problems or mental health disorders that are at the root of the addiction problem. When these are addressed, your teen has a much better of overcoming addiction.

5. Most inpatient rehab programs have a family week where the family can participate and work through important issues that need to be addressed.

6. The message to your teen that they will go to inpatient rehab is a good, strong message that addiction is a very serious problem that warrants serious treatment.

If your teen is abusing drugs and alcohol, it is important to consider sending your teen to an inpatient rehab. it may save your teen’s life. If the abuse is not severe, sometimes an intensive outpatient program along with a 12-step program can be helpful. Changing the peers your teen has been doing drugs with is critical.

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