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Teenage Alcoholism and Teenage Drug Abuse: 8 Physical Signs

Posted Nov 12 2010 8:54am

Teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse are very serious problems. Many parents are in complete denial about teenage substance abuse. Parents are often not as vigilant as they should be to physical indicators that their teen is abusing drugs or alcohol. Is teenage drug and alcohol abuse occurring right under your nose?

Here are  8 physical signs to watch out for if you suspect your teen is using drugs and alcohol: 1. Blood shot eyes.

2. Losing weight.

3. An inability to sleep or sleeping too much.

4. A runny nose (cocaine use).

5. Sluggishness or lethargy.

6. Pale and sickly looking.

7. Change in pupil size- either dilated or constricted.

8. Respiratory symptoms such as persistent cough or bouts of bronchitis.

Obviously, the presence of one or two symptoms does not mean there is teenage drug and alcohol abuse going on behind your back. However, if you notice several physical signs that are accompanied by changes in school performance (poor grades), social withdrawal, irritability, and secretiveness, you may be looking at teenage alcoholism or teenage drug abuse. Sometimes accompanying depression and anxiety may complicate the picture.

If you think you have a troubled youth on your hands, approach your teen and express your concerns. Don’t yell or confront because that approach isn’t productive. Be firm. Don’t back off if your teens denies what you have observed.

Make sure to get your help your teen the help they need. Bring your teen in for an evaluation from a medical professional. As a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction, I find that most teens want to open up to me about their substance abuse and are willing to listen to what I have to say. However, parents have a huge influence on a teen’s willingness to quit drugs and alcohol. Don’t underestimate this.

If you want additional help with teenage alcoholism and teenage drug abuse,  click here to register for my free report on, “How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make With Their Addicted Teen Or Young Adult Child”. It may save your family’s life. It outlines the typical mistakes families make that actually perpetuate teenage substance abuse.

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