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Sudan refers to the Israeli air strikes the factory residents midnight hear loud noises

Posted Oct 26 2012 6:55am

The government of Sudan 24 identify Israeli air strikes  Cheap Beats By Dre  a Arsenal, called on the UN security council denounced Israel, and warned Israel, Sudan reserves the right to revenge.

The use of advanced technology

Sudan news minister osman told a press conference, 4 frame Israeli warplanes 23 at midnight air strikes in southern Sudan's capital, Khartoum, MuKe Arsenal, the death of two people, one of them seriously.

"Four plane from the east into the (Sudan airspace), air and MuKe industrial facilities. They (plane) use advanced technology."

A Sudan technology group analysis used in aircraft missile wreckage. Othman said, appraisal results show that  beats by dre cheap  attacks launched by Israel. He mentioned in 2009 a weapon transport fleet in eastern Sudan by air strikes, the two air strikes that by Israeli actions. "We sure, the openly attack still by Israel (the government) is authorized," he said, "the main purpose is to obstruct our military ability construction, prevent us from achievement."

Jas MuKe Arsenal was built in 1996. Othman said, the facility manufacturing conventional weapons.

Midnight hear loud noises

Arsenal nearby residents abdul - Mr Told the Associated Press, he and his brothers midnight hear loud noises, get out of the house view. "At first, we thought more than a plane. Then, we think that the plane crash, the reason is sound very sharp," he said, "then, we see a flash, heard the explosion huge."

Arsenal is near slum, explosion caused panic residents. Many people worry that the buildings were earthquake collapse, escape from the door, ran to open.

Abdul - Mr Heard three explosion and saw Arsenal storage of ammunition in the explosion fly up to the sky, fall into residential areas, one of which was shell fall into the neighbor's, military personnel to make it move.

A resident told Reuters: "I heard similar plane or missile voice rang, and then a large cry explosion, fire inflames the sky, burst into flames. Then came much explosion."

AFP a newsman in residential areas see, shrapnel hit at least  cheap beats  three houses, leaving diameter about 20 centimeters of hole.

Sudan had multiple identify Israeli air strikes targets in Sudan. Israel to this kind of attack is neither admit, also do not deny that. Just 24 air raid, the Israeli defense minister ehud barak an interview: "I have nothing to say."

Related news

Gaza by Sudan to smuggle weapons?

24, about 300 people gathered in the Sudanese government building outside, Shouting slogans against to protest against air raid.

Sudanese President omar hassan al-bashir and vice President taha rally. Taha told the demonstrators: "men of Israel injustice, should contain. The attack is more strengthened our determination."

The Sudanese ambassador to the United Nations security council on behalf of the Ottoman at a meeting of Israel identify launched the "outrageous air", the security council should be condemned.

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