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Substance-Related Disorders | APA DSM-5

Posted Feb 10 2010 3:32pm
The APA is planning to eliminate substance dependence and substance abuse from the DSM-5 and is planning to replace them with "[insert drug name]-use disorder". Here are the proposed alcohol-use disorder criteria.

They propose severity specifierswhich is interesting. Howeverat first glanceI'm concerned about putting abuse and dependence on the same continuumthough I was always pretty ambivalent about abuse as a diagnosis anyway.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: Let's hope they don't group "internet addiction" and opiate addiction:
Among the work group’s proposals is the recommendation that the diagnostic category include both substance use disorders and non-substance addictions. Gambling disorder has been moved into this category and there are other addiction-like behavioral disorders such as “Internet addiction” that will be considered as potential additions to this category as research data accumulate.
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