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Stop Drinking Alcohol Techniques

Posted Aug 14 2009 10:57pm
Techniques in Beating Alcoholism

Planning in giving up the habit of drinking and doing the necessary and all the right techniques to stop drinking alcohol will be the topic for today’s article. Sorry for the delay of posting as I have helped a close friend in convincing his father to stop drinking alcohol. The father has been hooked to alcohol addiction for a long time and his drinking affects not only him but his family’s life as well. My friend and I told him that he needs to quit his habit of drinking or else he will end up in a hospital bed or in jail if he continues to drink too much and continue to engage in all the troubles he’s been getting. He surely gets all of his problems when under the influence of alcohol and the thing is that he doesn’t know the next day what had happened because he passed out. With all the troubles he is getting along with his drinking buddies, we will conclude that if he doesn’t stop drinking alcohol, he will not only ruin his life but also he is putting his health on the risk. He realized now that he needs to stop drinking alcohol. It came to him as a struck of lightning and he must act quickly to give up drinking excessively and stop drinking because of negative side effects.

If someone is ready to stop drinking alcohol now and is planning to take all the necessary procedures and stop drinking techniques and maintaining it for the rest of your life, you should understand first the reason why you are giving up that terrible habit. This is to allow yourself fully motivated and kick out the doubt that may still be in your mind for at least now. Why are you stopping drinking alcohol? The answer depends on your condition and the reasons are all there glowing like a candle towards the light. You may want to stop drinking because you don’t need that kind of habit to be able to live normal and it is not a standard requirement for any individual. Alcohol is an enemy, not a friend and you don’t want an enemy penetrating your life to rule over your situation and your personality as a responsible person. You don’t want any hangovers , headaches and physical sufferings that occur after a big and heavy drinking last night at the party or social gatherings. You don’t want to pass out or threw out after hiding and drinking alone in the basement. You don’t feel like having difficulties in remembering what happened after you experienced blackout. Many people suffers negative effects whenever they are under the influence of alcohol and stopping drinking is the only solution that must be done right away. If someone doesn’t want to suffer all those public scandal and indecent acts after being drunk, then they should and must act quickly and do the proper stop drinking alcohol techniques without AA. This will not be easy especially if the alcoholic has been addicted to alcohol for a long period of time. If he is slaved to alcoholism and is drinking too much also known as binge drinking, he may find out that it is difficult to achieve success in stopping drinking alcohol and he may give up his preparation and planning due to discouragements and negative thoughts. But if he is ready to stop drinking alcohol once and for all, without hesitation and doubt that he can do it he may be able to beat his alcohol addiction with the help of self-treatments on alcoholism. He can stop drinking alcohol by means of self-control and self-motivation or intrinsic motivation that can really help in stopping the habit and practice of drinking heavily.

After deciding on giving up drinking, and after having himself prepare to complete the task and get successful results in quitting, he should seek easy ways to stop drinking alcohol and gather information on how to stop alcoholism and info about alcoholism as a disease and needs to be treated accordingly to be able to handle the situation and condition he is into. You want to stop drinking alcohol because you want your self gain back all the respect and love you deserved that have been gone after they see you addicted to the habit. Your family has been loosing hope for your recovery from being dependent to alcohol and they are down in terms of your drinking practice everyday. If you really love your self and your first priority is your family, you should quit drinking alcohol for good. Find easy ways to stop drinking alcohol after having yourself ready to kick all those drinking problems and all those things that are considered unhelpful in maintaining good living. Don’t get involved on bad drinking buddies that can trigger you and influence you to drink again and back to binge drinking after planning and after all those procedures and preparation on stopping drinking. Alcohol addiction may seem to far to be solve nowadays due to all the news on television about teenage drinking and all those pregnant women engaging in drinking session and don’t prioritize their child inside their womb. That’s ridiculous and I can’t imagine the feeling of the child when their mother was drunk. Stop alcholism is not in their minds but of course they continue to drink to feel the euphoria. Effects of alcohol addiction to everybody’s health are not being considered but are disregarded when someone keeps on drinking too much and don’t have the courage to stop drinking alcohol. I always say that it is easy to give up the habit of drinking and it is possible to have a straight and wonderful life if you really put your mind into it. If you have the proper discipline, self-control and motivation to quit drinking alcohol and maintain it for the rest of your lives, you can be successful in the future and be a winner. Don’t mind the alcohol withdrawal symptom that may occur during the process of quitting drinking but think of all the benefits you can get if you end up your habit and stop drinking now. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are temporary and can be easily overcome with the right treatments and medication but being a slave by alcohol addiction is a long term effect. The only solution is to stop drinking alcohol if you can’t control your drinking. Go for abstinence if you can’t control your drinking after a couple of shots of wine or hard liquor.

Be ready to all the consequences if you are quitting and bear in mind that it is natural to experience all the hassles as they are part of the procedures in stopping drinking. There are also drugs that can eliminate your sufferings but be sure to secure medical advice from alcohol addiction experts to ensure you are doing the right things in beating alcoholism. My suggestion is to seek for medical advice to be able to be certain in stop drinking alcohol techniques you are applying to your situation and condition.

There are no other people that can help you in your stop drinking procedures but yourself. Your overall personality will be the key in your success in your fight against alcoholism and your fully motivated character will be the best weapon in stopping drinking. Remember that if you want to kick the habit, you must exert effort in doing so. Having alcohol rule over your life in a long period of time will make it more difficult in getting out of alcohol addiction and techniques you found in the ebooks on how to stop drinking and all the tips on free downloads or audio cd in quitting drinking will be less effective when you the individual involved don’t cooperate and don’t admit that you have a problem in drinking. Alcohol dependency is a non-stop process so be sure to maintain being sober and sustain your recovery once and for all. Alcoholism treatments that involve lots of money spending in some crappy stop drinking programs that can only worsen the condition of the alcoholic will be the topic for the next post. Stop drinking now so that every person you are living with and all the people in your surroundings will be happy to see that you have enough courage and guts to stop drinking alcohol.

Start your stop drinking plans or stop drinking programs by admitting you have a drinking problem and you can’t manage to control your addiction to alcohol. Accept the fact that you are now dependent to alcohol and the addiction to the substance are tarnishing your career, personality and your relationships with each one you know. Aspects involving stop drinking alcohol on your own will be a good start as it requires less effort to stop drinking alcohol. After admitting, you may want to look for suitable and effective ways that can help you in your fight against alcoholism and alcohol cravings. Homeopathic treatments and natural ways to stop excessive alcohol consumption are also good in terms of herbal ways to treat this kind of dependency.

Look for available stop drinking programs that is best suited in your case. If 12 Steps in Alcohol Recovery, so be it. Grab the opportunity now and stop drinking alcohol. Search for step by step procedures, tips on beating alcoholism, treatments for alcohol addiction, quit drinking programs and many other natural ways to stop drinking or natural ways to treat the addiction in your own by yourself. Get prepared as it requires more effort in doing these techniques. You may also find many alcohol rehabilitation centers that can help ease your sufferings and pain when alcohol withdrawal symptoms and alcohol cravings persist.
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