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Should I tell my daughter not to drink in front of her new RA spouse?

Posted by MGeittmann

My husband told me to butt out and not tell my daughter how to run her life!


My daughter said its her husband'sdisease not hers, and for me not to tell her what to do! She called my husband and he agreed with her!

Am I wrong?

Mother-in- law, daughter and sister of an alcoholic


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I know it is hard to hear this, but your daughter is correct in saying that he must be allowed to manage his own disease. If this is an issue between them they can resolve it on their own. 

 I had the same concerns about my boyfriend when he stopped drinking. He said that part of managing his own alcholism was learning to handle his urges when he saw other people drinking.

 By the way, someone may have already directed you to Al Anon, so if you haven't already, you might want to try it. It has helped me tremendoulsy over the years. 

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