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Ruan Anning even have empty Knight

Posted Nov 17 2012 7:25am
Cite Toray air Gorefiend Ruan Anning, for example, his descendants, through Rongchang Di States the empty riding a qualification test, at least sixty percent ratio the Toray their ratio will be higher!
    Its full world pick out Dragon election phoenix better to encourage empty knights such as Ruan Anning dissolute mess, the outcome of that is obviously fast and low-cost Aung!
    So, countries the covert connivance, empty Knight least not wind liu by nature!
    Ruan Anning even have empty Knight offspring ratio of sixty percent of the seats universal, Shu Kwong same, Simon proud descendants of three Marshal taught to empty Knight's ratio is how much?
    Each to come up with a legion of empty Knight offspring, but the Empire State senior is three Marshal addition to made very shiny shot down on the battlefield, in the intelligence field to create a surprisingly offspring can not expect three Marshal descendants number to!
    Saying that there is a very wide spread. Empire annually customary presided over by the Queen several grand the Noble Lady Miss Party, Knight of the special arrangements ace empty air ride captain over, more than seven magician magic Association with these carefully selected Miss peeress wantonly promiscuous activities, and to confirm the the Empire aristocratic family bloodline of excellent continuation of development spread.
    Of course, this idea was the empire openly and severe wrist.
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