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Rose with a windmill to carter dunk salute

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:41am
NBA all-star weekend into every single challenge race. In no doubt the most dramatic introduced dunk contest, the Toronto raptors terrence Ross with a record of the carter salute predecessors basket and 360 degrees won the top buzz Slam Dunk, become a new KouLanWang. He is also the raptors after carter, the second coronation KouLanWang Cheap Kobe 7 player. According to this year's format, single challenge in addition to the players battle between individuals, between the eastern and western to doing. So this year to dunk contest six general respectively is from the east end of the indiana pacers former champions Gerald green, Toronto raptors of terrence Ross and the New York knicks James white, as well as the west side of the Utah jazz's Jeremy Evans, from Los Angeles clippers nickname "little James" brad line and Denver nuggets method in Ed. So the team has also been recognized as the strongest in recent years, most is worth looking forward to one of the. Even the big brother kobe has updated their micro bo, expressed the concern of the event. However, the title before the call high James white two movements are not much surprise, and green tried legend only streetball legend "goat" done "double dunk" action (i.e., dunk, in the air to catch button once) also failed, and eventually enter the final score is DongXiOu highest Ross and Cheap Kobe VII Evans. Finally let Ross win the Slam Dunk champion a button, is he to "air Canada", former Toronto raptors player Vince carter tribute of an action. Ross in 2000 raptors 15 carter shirt, in DE rosanne help, successfully reproduce the carter dunk contest title of a record 360 degrees dunk after rebounds large wind turbines. Ross explained: "this is my heart the best carter dunk, so I hope to be able to copy it. Put on his shirt, also hope to the senior players salute." It is for this contains the blood lineage and salute history means action, rose finally in fans vote narrow Evans, becoming the new dunk champion. What is worth mentioning, because this year's all-star weekend was held in Houston, the payroll yao also sit on the Slam Dunk contest of PingWeiXi. As is known to all, his NBA career is not known to dunk, no when the judges qualifications? Face this kind of Kobe 7 USA question, yao and gave his "YaoShi humor" response: "China has words called, didn't eat pork, don't haven't seen a pig run? Although dunk originality must not them, but I have seen dunk. Today sitting in the referee table, everyone is to nostalgia once." Other several single challenge, the cavaliers guard kelly Owen to 23 points achievements won three points champion; Shooting star game, bosh, Wilkins and WNBA star karsh team title; The Portland trail blazers team won the champion vladimir radmanovic skills, and for the first time the LinShuHao failed to the final. The all-star game two teams in the first three quarters often pay more attention to attack, and in the fourth quarter to greatest defense, then which party defended better, may be the last laugh. And the west army has the home, they may have a stronger desire to win. In the all-star game in addition to finish outside, another big aspect is the ownership of the MVP, kobe Bryant, Kevin durant, lebron James and dwyane wade, haddon Kobe 7 Big Bang will be the all-star game MVP on hot. Because the east lack of appropriate point guard, lebron is likely to hit three double performance, this will let him become a greater likelihood of all star. And haddon this time are the hosts of players, and it will surely give him more power to show himself, he will also be the MVP contender.And in the paint have east forces have Kevin garnett, lopez, NuoA and bosh, Kevin garnett and NuoA has very strong defensive ability, they will be in the paint on the defense team to help, he will be in the offensive and defensive role.
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