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Real Madrid Kaka welcome dismal 100 games few years ago, rain war Man utd, one is the original on earth

Posted Nov 12 2012 2:39am
Real Madrid 2-1 force Chrysler suffered Aventis mass destruction C Ronaldo took the rain, the 2 teams through the pool, teen Morata tradition savior ... Include all sorts 10 Aspect, Kaka is probably forgotten - the truth is, the game play is 100 Kaka Real Madrid played. 20 min out of the bench, only touch the ball 8, 6 succeeds, a phone message Kalie Hong Zhisai producing controversial penalty which can be 100 Kaka war extremely dark. Few years ago, the initial person the whole world, Golden Globe Award along with the FIFA World Player on Womens Matt Ryan Falcons Jersey the elegant Kaka, he has been the actual side of your Madrid. Saying the right thing is usually to fight with the dream, eyes Mourinho downright tasteless. Kaka doesn't like arguing about how Beckham. Individuals, such as struggle for own destiny Mourinho fails to stand time? a formation desperate you might be.
Mourinho's words, he appears to despise Kaka. The press conference pre-game question from your journalist, you may want to play Kaka possibilities? Mourinho again impatient expression: "If it's just a left back, he or she will have ample ways of play, but Kaka may be Womens Julio Jones Falcons Jersey the 10th player, I played often leaves Kaka, Ozil does one ask, ?zil now ask Kaka? Or Kaka?Game JiEr urban hit 10 tomorrow, has range attacks. "Meaning is, the left rear for a short time downtown deficiency if Kaka Real Madrid can start to play about the left, you can play. For instance, it is really not really useless without Mourinho Kaka .
Kaka the poor? No, not at all bad, 10 Liga and played only 100 minutes diploma. Mourinho employment has any descendant bias, as Michael Essien blow back excluded from the forest, mad or keep Womens Dennis Pitta Ravens Jersey on with Essien, as opposed to B team recruited to fill again and Pepe muddy guilty, Cohen Bertrand can errors, but sideline are not Mourinho. Kaka alone, not at a recession, Mourinho delay Brazilian midfielder attack firmly relating to the the flat bench press, also, the bank occasion. The details won't lie, before going to the bench, Kaka La Liga Top only played triple for a total of 100 minutes, doesn't just for ones 661 minutes are compared and Ozil is simply too strong for Nacho, Morata These soldiers dolls The authors Mourinho maybe it was deliberate? It is composed by Chen1cplusplusstreet Jerseys 11.12.2012
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