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President hu jintao Cheap Beats By Dre recently in guizhou investigation work stressed

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:52am

President hu jintao Cheap Beats By Dre  recently in guizhou investigation work stressed that further study and implement the spirit of the party's eighteen, and the unified thought and action to the party's eighteen big spirit up, and the wisdom and strength condensed to the implementation of the party's eighteen big sure all tasks up, and to achieve the comprehensive well-off society in the grand goal of unity and struggle.

The winter in guizhou the earth, everywhere a surge in the study and implementation of the party's eighteen big spirit upsurge. On December cheap beats 1 to 6,, President hu jintao in guizhou provincial party committee secretary, accompanied by the governor ZhaoKeZhi, deeply zunyi, bijie, guiyang, enterprise, rural and community, field understand cadres and masses in the study and implementation of the party's eighteen big spirit, promote economic and social development, with the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups to discuss for scientific development.

Hu jintao first visit the site of the zunyi meeting. He in the same to come to visit the said conversation, we should never forget the revolutionary senior Chinese revolution victory for the capture of arduous struggle and build great achievements. We must carry forward the fine tradition of the zunyi meeting, to adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to create the Chinese people and the Chinese nation more beautiful future.

How to carry out the good innovation drive development strategy, to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, is the investigation of hu the a key. In guizhou changzheng electric co., LTD., CLP zhenhua information industry co., LTD., hu saw the two 1960 s moved in, the creation of the old enterprises, through the deepening of reform and innovation of science and technology, realize the transformation and upgrading of the development, open up new world, feel very happy. He hopes the enterprise deepens the reform of mechanism of system to promote scientific and technological innovation, and strive to research more with  its own technical advantage and competitiveness in the market of products. Yu can cole microelectronics co., LTD., guizhou our headquarters photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is founded in the two high and new technology enterprise, the staff are very young. In the busy production workshop, hu with the enterprise staff to discuss the way of operation and development. And he said, the life of the enterprise in innovation, innovation in the hope of youth. Hope you to emancipate the mind, forge ahead, pioneering innovation, promote enterprise will continue to grow and develop.

Protect and improve the livelihood of the people, trying to make people to live a better life, hu mind always a great thing. In guiyang city PengGuWan large shantytowns renovation project site, hu jintao carefully listen to the planning and design, construction and relocation, etc is introduced. He asked the local party committee and government to seriously sum up experience, in urban planning and construction of the masses have better solutions to the problem of living in. In guiyang city big community service center, to handle affairs, activities of the residents told hu, community service center to provide the employment, social security, family, education and many other services, in their help, we life here is very comfortable. Hu jintao praised the community service center of the heart, the work is careful, very solid. Heard that the community party secretary cui forward is the party's eighteen big represents, hu jintao encourages her to give full play to the model leading role, learning propaganda implement the party's eighteen big spirits, with community members, and do a community management and service this old essay.

Promoting ecological civilization construction, speed up the development of breakthrough guizhou an important restriction factor, hu are very concerned about the problem. He choose to come to guiyang, capital of li beach wetland park, look at the city's ecological environment management situation. Here have open sewers, garbage piles, after after treatment with vegetation, clear water around. Hu jintao praised the park embodies the harmony between human and nature, in the hope that guiyang firmly set up the ecological civilization concept, strengthening the ecological civilization construction efforts, and strive for the general public to create beautiful livable urban environment. Hu jintao also visited the guiyang city urban and rural planning exhibition hall, emphasize in guizhou make construction should pay special attention to save land, scientific planning, carefully implementation planning, urban and rural construction and to make more good.

Is located in the northwest of guizhou of bijie city, was the one of the poorest areas. In the summer of 1985, just to guizhou work soon, hu jintao will go to bijie investigation, then many times to bijie inspection instruction work, promote established bijie test site. To the work, hu jintao told bijie development is also pay close attention to again, this time came out to bijie investigation. Bijie go scientific development road significant achievement, let hu jintao very gratified.

Bijie city QianXiXian black mule dam village used to be a famous far and near the poor village, in recent years, adhere to the implementation of ecological civilization construction of home last year, more than 5300 yuan per capita net income of farmers. In the green vegetables canopy, hu asked in detail about the cost, vegetable shed sales, farmers income, etc, for the villagers found riches gradually and heartfelt happy. In the village, hu village, one understand service for the convenience of the public, rural medical treatment, etc. Party members in the activity room at the age of 68, the senior party member YuChaoFen is to preach the party's eighteen great spirit. She took the hand of the President hu jintao, said excitedly: "bijie test site construction, let us common people may be well with thee!" Hu jintao told everyone said: "bijie change, the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups is the result of common struggle. It also proved that as long as we adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the scientific development, will be able to order the construction more beautiful, must be able to create all the more happy life!" In the bouyei nationality villagers PanAnPing home, with a master hu sit on a porch swing with, hobnob, from make several vegetable shed, sales and earnings how, to their children to school no, a doctor can submit an expense account, ask very detailed. Hu jintao said affectionately, see the village environment become beautiful, folks income increased, from the bottom of my heart, feel happy for you. Believe in the party's eighteen great spiritual guidance, the hard work of all ethnic groups, the villagers day will be better and better.

In bijie period, hu jintao also came to JinShaXian industrial park, aspen cole electronic technology company, the company vehicle beats by dre cheap areas horse, sheep DaFangXian town ChuanYan village survey. The beautiful scenery of the PuDe town, acknowledged the bright color yi stockade building, a wide variety of national handicraft shop, let a person too many things to see. Hu jintao into several embroidery shop, cheerfully see products, listen to introduction, ask sales. He told the local cadres said, good ecological environment and national characteristic culture, is the development of PuDe town two advantages. Hope you to protect good, utilization and utilize these optimal

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