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Positive Change

Posted Apr 26 2011 12:49pm

I’m starting this post the night before it goes up on the blog.  I recently have been really trying to keep from pulling a Howard Hughes and just completely hide from the world.  I have been busting my butt trying to figure things out along with trying to find a career.  I know that looking for work and hitting golf balls for these many months has almost driven me crazy.  Like I wrote in my last post, it’s like I’m living the movie Groundhog Day.

The reason why I’m starting this post tonight and finishing it tomorrow is because I got an email this afternoon.  I have been on three interviews for this one company and one of them was eight hours and forty five minutes long.  Yeah, I spent an entire day on a ride along to see if I’d like the job and also for the guy to ask me all kinds of fun questions.  Well tomorrow I have my final phone interview and I’m really hoping I get the position.  It’s with a good company and it would pay the bills.  I think I’d like the job but who knows what the future has planned for me.

Anyways, I guess this is what I was hoping for when I wrote yesterday’s post.  I really need for something good to happen in my life soon.  I’ve dealt with too much bad stuff and now there’s absolutely nothing going on in my life at all.  I would really enjoy some good stuff that would bring some sort of normal feel back in my life.  So now it’s time to get some rest and finish this post tomorrow.  I promise to let you know what happens either way….


Well I must say that it has been an interesting morning so far.  I woke up way too early to go to the gym and my battery was dead.  Never a good thing when you made the effort to get out of bed at three thirty in the morning.  I must say that I took it in stride and just got my mail and got on my computer instead.  After a couple of hours I did do my cardio here at home and got my coffee going.  I was thinking about my upcoming phone interview the entire time.  I’ve been doing my homework and looking over all the materials that I have from the company.  I know that there will be lots of questions to make sure I’m not some schmuck.  Now I have a couple more hours and I will finish this post and hopefully some positive news to tell you all….


Well the interview went well.  They said the same thing that they have said all along, we’ll be calling you in a few days.  I thought it went well and I was prepared for all their questions.  I was a little nervous and I called my mom before the interview to talk for a few minutes and try to relax.  Well, I must admit this did put a spark in my recently boring life.  Now, I’m off to go hang out with my buddies and try to stay as positive as I can.

We have to keep going no matter what.  I think that us alcoholics have trouble staying positive sometimes but that really shouldn’t be the case.  We do have an addictive personality and therefore we should be able to run loose with the whole positive thing.  If we stay positive and diligent about our goals they will eventually come true.

Don’t forget, you’re not alone!

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