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Perfect sand collecting machine collects sand perfectly

Posted Dec 07 2012 5:03am

Many mining companies like to wet sand making model, so people can see the fine collecting machine so long as the sand making production is seen. However, why the fine sand collecting machine is widely used in such many sand making production line? What the benefit after using this kind of machine. Hongxing machinery will analysis for u step by step. Some corporation also stock those fine sand, and apply them to the high standard to make it as the raw material for the infrastructure construction, then, it will help the mining corporation increase the profit.

First, the disadvantage of the sand collecting machine when using wet model of making sand, that is the sand should be washed every time, because the flow, the small sand will sure be washed away, and then make sand less and less, general speaking, the diameter less than 0.63 sure be washed away, however, this part sand occupy the 8% to 15% of the whole sand quantity, from this, it will suffer a huge loss of the sand and stone. In addition, the lacking of the fine sand will bring the sand output a great loss, at the meantime,during the sand process procedure, a great quantity of cement are need and necessary, it will increase a lot for the corporation cost.Henan Hongxing mineral rotary kiln will be your best choice.

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When the profits is increased, the fine sand collecting machine can also reduce processing costs on the production line for the sand production. Since, the sand making production line all need pond to washing the sand. After using the fine sand collecting machine, this part of sand can be collected again, then the daily output is no doubt increased when the cost increased a lot, we should keep in mind that if produce those fine sand need large quantity of cost.

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