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north Korea about its missile to mbt shoes sale strike the United States, the United States

Posted Dec 08 2012 7:43am

The U.S. state department mbt shoes  spokesman mark Turner 7 said that if north Korea to launch a satellite, the United States will take "appropriate action".

Turner in the state council routine press conference, the United States "very seriously" with north Korea about its missile to mbt shoes sale strike the United States, the United States that condemning north Korea's decision to launch a satellite. He said: "we urged north Korea to reconsider, we in this area and partners and Allies synergy to our concerns. If emission is carried out, we will take appropriate action."

North Korea announced this month 1 in 10 to 22 launched between use their power and technology to create a "light star 3" phase 2 practical satellite. Central news agency reported citing north Korea's space technology committee spokesman as saying that north Korea's science and technology workers analysis the April satellite launch appeared in shortage, improve the satellite and carrier rocket safety and precision has been completed, ready to launch a satellite.

On April 13, north Korea from PingAnBeiDao iron mountain county west satellite launch site the first single application satellite "light star 3", but this planet earth observation satellite did not enter orbit.

The United States and other countries condemning north Korea plans to launch a satellite, the United States called "extremely aggressive behavior". The special representative for north Korea policy green Davis, south Korean foreign minister peninsula peace negotiations BenBuChang LinSheng male and mbt shoes clearance Japan's foreign ministry adah chief mountain fir jin auxiliary 4, in the United States, the state council held a consultation, once again reiterated that north Korea's launch a satellite, three kingdoms will seek the United Nations security council to take action.

The security council was in April after north Korea launched a satellite by chairman's statement shows that if north Korea to launch a satellite, the security council will take appropriate action.

The United States defense department spokesman George litle 7 said, the pentagon is considering how to strengthen the senior officer ethics education, defense minister palmer inside tower this week just offer the President Obama to do the report.

Litle said, palmer inside tower to barack Obama the contents of the report for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Martin's general west proposed senior officer integrity education proposal, this proposal includes two contents, respectively in the senior officer earlier in his career that is carried out in advance, and conduct education the normalization, and review senior officer directly under the personnel if necessary, reasonable and appropriate.

Litle explained, the second proposal is the purpose of the senior officers will army personnel under the standard, to ensure that the senior officer not equipped with the necessary personnel directly. He said, JiangJunJi other senior officer has a lieutenant, in addition to any number of military affairs, service assistant.

After a series of recent U.S. senior officers involved in the scandal. Once was appointed commander of Africa command of the army's first four star admiral William ward because of the abuse of public funds were degradation; Retired four-star general, director of the central intelligence agency before general David petraeus for an affair to resign, U.S. military commander in Afghanistan because John Allen and Florida a female soldiers and civilians liaison man hobnob suffer from survey. Litle said, an general west in the past year to strengthen American professional investigation, made these Suggestions.

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