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nike free 3.0 v4 canada game contest is the internal

Posted Apr 01 2013 7:54am

Great power   nike free 3.0 v4 canada  game contest is the internal strength of the Chinese anti-corruption has become a priority: in Russia and the United States full-scale war broke out possibility of internal strength contest. Backward will be beaten, more will be beaten corruption, even self-separatist destruction, the former Soviet Union are examples. Fight Against Corruption and anti-espionage, such as Secretary Wang said, the anti-corruption fight a war of annihilation, protracted war. America's most afraid of China more politically, this is not only ninety old fox Kissinger, today the 22nd all the way "tirelessly" to Beijing, Wang Qishan, the secretary, and he is talking about the discipline inspection work, high! Corruption not only in politics would lead to the ruin; corruption, or natural enemies of the market economy, the market has entered a vicious cycle of crisis, affecting the reputation of Made in China. Clean and honest monolithic, such as party and government soldiers and civilians, invincible in the world! External, the courage to open the first shot, mapping the Diaoyu Islands, Abe dares to use force against beat Ting Japan, regained Ryukyu automatically exit the base of South Korea, Japan, Peninsula ease, half of the Pacific, China! National revival is just around the corner!


Learning the presidency: "We visit a day, just as President Vladimir Putin said, the fruitful results we achieved in this day, has made us feel worthwhile trip, this line will certainly fruitful, and tomorrow we will continue our work, and I believe that tomorrow there will be a newer, more harvest. "sustained attention, bless the motherland is prosperous! R, Russia, Russia, corresponding to the first African animal rhinoceros. Russians do not expect to like this analogy, Putin did not specifically clear. Rhino is look and Hanshi, but in reality ferocious animal, its strength should not be overlooked, and the polar bear's personality is quite similar.


I, India, refers to India,  mens nike free 3.0 v3   corresponding to the third African animals, buffalo. That "Komsomolskaya Pravda" is also seen. The Indian cattle worship unparalleled city street can see cattle walking.C, China, refers to China, corresponding to the fourth African animal, the lion. China's cultural totem dragon. Napoleon's forces had hit Africa, impressed on the Lions, said the French emperor once likened sleeping lion. Putin likened to a lion, in line with the positioning of the world of modern China.


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