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nike air jordan retro shoes How Many Websites Do You Need To Make Money?

Posted Mar 13 2013 6:21am

I think most of us underestimate just how big the Internet really is when it comes to making money Nike Hyperdunk 2012. By big I mean just how competitive it is.

There are billions of web pages all competing for attention lebron 9. If you are trying to make money by getting visitors to a website how are you going to be foundThen once you have people at your site how you are you going to make money Selling things online is not as easy as you might think.

In many ways it is just as difficult, or more so, than having an offline business you sell products or services for air penny for sale.One strategy that has grown in popularity is to increase the number of websites you have and try to make a smaller amount of money from each one.

There are Internet marketers now with hundreds, or even thousands of blogs and websites they make money from each day nike free 5.0 shoes.How many website do you need Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

1. How much money do you want to make Obviously if you just want to make $200 a month more you do not need very many websites. If you want to quit your job you will probably need quite a few.2. How much time do you have to work each day If you are working part time you can not build as many sites and manage them compared to a full time Internet business owner. However programs such as auto blogging are really changing how much time you need to work in relation to how much money you can earn.3. How many niches can you handle If you want to work just in areas you enjoy, or have knowledge on, you will probably build larger theme websites and blogs. When you do this you are working at making more money with less sites.If you want to learn how to do niche marketing the sky is the limit. Anything someone is searching for, or spending money on, is a potential market for you to be in.4. What is your long term goal with your business You can run an Internet business from anywhere in the world. If you want to travel you can do that. By outsourcing and automating your business you can take a hands off approach to making money and still make a lot of it.If you just want to work part time with no big income goal you can do that with just 1-2 sites. It really is up to you.Think about this. There are thousands of McDonalds and Burger Kings.
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