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Nash listed "for" the failure of warcraft responsibility sharing Vanessa Bryant "broken foot according to"

Posted Mar 15 2013 8:02am
At the eagle, the Los Angeles lakers to Atlanta, in the end the lakers' 92-96 loss to Atlanta, the current record to 34-32. Today's game, kobe Bryant struggled, but also hurt myself. After the final shots, Bryant landed accidentally stepped on stage - Jones's feet deng, sprained his left ankle. After Kobe 6 All Star Bryant an X-ray detection, the results were negative, but the lakers official said Bryant's severely sprained his left ankle, and will be out indefinitely. As kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, seeing her husband suffered a severe sprain, then through instagram to publicly express concern, she also posted a picture, diagram is Bryant's feet, because picture is fuzzy, so a lot of people thought it was an X-ray, but it wasn't the case. "Has just been released photos not X-ray, it is just a piece of black and white photo." Vanessa wrote, "I hope kobe continue beast mode." Because kobe Bryant is not of the last shots, the lakers missed the game into extra-time, finally can only accept the fate of the lost. In the game, in addition to kobe Bryant (11 of 33 shots), Nash also struggled, feel his 14 shots, hitting only four goals. "We are in the struggle, I try to hit some balls (20 points) under section 3 single section boom, motivate Cheap Soldier 6 the team of some of the energy." Bryant said. "it looks like we will reverse the situation, but in the end we feel is once again in cold state." "We don't have too many shots," Nash said, "I feel like I wrecked our game tonight. I have a lot of good opportunities near the basket, but I don't have to hit them." Howard today 5 of 9 10 points and 16 rebounds, he only get 3 free throws. Yesterday to play magic, 25 of his 39 points, 39 points and 16 rebounds. After today, Howard also take the initiative to do self review. "Our defense is always slow step, the first to blame me." Howard said, "I must be better to protect the area. I lost with me, I can't do it." So, Steve Nash and roll data drop, is very easy to understand. So, who is the best player this season and roll? People ball which you look at the daily five the number of occurrences of the most, probably can guess who it is - dunk list at the end of the season - Blake Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 griffin dunk to 164 times at the top, Dan drew - Jordan 140 ranked no. 3, and Chris Paul of the ammunition for them, roll are mostly in the after the ball with them. This season, and roll accounts for 53.4% of Paul personal attacking options, he can make 1.08 points per turn, league 1 (complete at least 500 times and roll). Whether using personal attack, roll or the ball to his teammates, he belongs to the class. As a pick-and-roll, perform Paul scored 0.962 points per round, than 94% of the players. Although he's such a high efficiency (shot 47.1%), most of the time, he choose to pass: a pass and roll him select 60.8%, he can make 1.156 points per turn, roll pass number at least 300 times of 35 players, he is no. 1. Is always impressive dunk, griffin (Jordan) cut to the basket after wall, Paul seemingly casual a throw, the former will hit the ball into the net... Teams are but as mentioned above, the area is heavily, cut into the screen the opportunity to score won't be too much, so most of the time, big normal son of Paul embodies Cheap Lebron 6 in roll through the draw with defensive attention, then put the ball to the perimeter of the vertex pitcher. In fact, in his and roll the ball 449 times, Paul had 237 times the ball to his teammates vertex is shooting (Spot - Up), his teammates, can get 1.122 points per turn, league ranked third. Often attract our eye cut inside the pick-and-roll offense, only 154 (actually quite a lot about it), griffin Jordan 1.208 points per turn, ranked second.
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