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my hospital bed cheap nike air max 2012 just leaned against the window but the thick curtains

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:44am
Huainan and Huaibei coalfield is the largest coal production base in southern China; does not stop there, Anhui or the largest province of the country famous car, March 18, 1997, the Chery engine plant official groundbreaking marks Anhui opened the prelude to the construction of the car province, from 1999, the first car off the assembly line to 2005, a few short years, Chery rapidly becoming the domestic auto industry, "eight" column.History has witnessed the ancient and modern changes of Anhui, the former Anhui is the cultural capital of the state of the business, celebrity land, the source of the national opera, science and technology, tourism, agriculture, mining and energy, and cars are booming Anhui Anhui. Anhui, spend wins this year, last year, red, and I love my hometown!My real insight into the meaning of life when in I was in critical condition in the hospital, when the autumn a mawkish season, I remember when the cheap air max 90 yellow leaves floating under a felled some life in Such a Falling silently fade away. In such a season, an accidental car crash, I was admitted to the hospital. At the time, I'm tired of life, seems to me that at the moment of the disaster, the Light of Heaven, and yet there are a pleasure to the imminent death.

Groggy in the hospital, I do not know have passed more than a long time, head entangled mess illusion. Opened his eyes once again, surrounded by a quiet ward fluorescent light glows softly near the bed empty. I struggled to sit up, head still dizzy a lot, not covered Jisi effort, little by little, I finally sat up straight. The side mirror, if anything, I can see my empty numb people fear the wound on his forehead, said to the doctor suggested that the family does not give the patient with mirror is also afraid that I looked hospital bed cheap nike air max 2012 just leaned against the window, but the thick curtains blocking the inside and outside world. I do not know what the time was, for a long time after the unreal, I suddenly have a feeling to want to see reality. I summoned the courage, finally opened the windows a crack. When dusk, the sky Pale. The top of a pine tree just to the windows, my vision gradually move to the distance, I feel their cloudy eyes slowly began to become clear, soft, and gradually exudes sparkling brilliance.
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