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Motivational Interviewing for Automobile Dependence

Posted Jul 04 2014 1:15am

55572db9-ee8c-e011-986b-78e7d1fa76f8 Do you or a friend suffer from an automobile use disorder? If so, we have an evidence-based treatment for you .

Clinical psychologist William R. Miller stumbled upon  “motivational interviewing”  while working with heavy drinkers in the early 1980s. The therapy is based on the idea that telling people they need to change is a terrible way to get them to change; in contrast, motivational interviewing helps people identify their own reasons for change; it’s often described as “non-judgmental.” Over the years, motivational interviewing  has proven effective   in treating  a range of behavioral challenges, from alcohol abuse to dietary change to gambling.

And, most recently, car reliance in cities.

This latest application comes courtesy of the U.K.-based transportation consultancy Steer Davies Gleave. A few years ago, the firm  incorporated motivational interviewing  into its door-to-door personal travel planning program. Instead of bullying people into using the bus or train for ideological or social reasons, SDG travel advisors help metro area residents recognize situations in their own lives when it makes more sense to travel without a car.

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