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Monday in the Temple

Posted Apr 06 2009 7:02pm

I wonder what Peter thought when he saw Jesus flip over the first table. Did his eyes get really wide? Did his mouth drop open? Did he have the impulse to grab Christ by the arm and pull him off to the side to mention (as if Christ didn’t already know) that you know…they’ve done this for a long time. They found this program works. This is just how it is. It’s more convenient this way.

Do you get the sense that maybe all of the disciples were thinking something like that? Like Jesus should just take a breath. Chillax.  I mean this was the TEMPLE, the turf of the very people who opposed him! This was not exactly the place to draw attention to yourself especially by messing with their traditions and their pocketbooks.

We like our traditions and our pocketbooks, still. Don’t we? We don’t like it when things come along to challenge the roles they play in our religious-ness. We’ve gotten comfortable. We’ve found what we think is approval from God by boxing his principles up in a nifty package that we can reproduce in churches across the nation.

And when people come along to turn over our paradigms, we get nervous.  We get angry. Especially when the table-turner is some broke radical who does not operate in our current system of religiousness. He’s not trained! He’s not one of us! He eats with sinners, is friends with prostitutes and touches the unclean! Who is HE to tell us how to work this thing called CHURCH?

Yet, if we are honest, there is a part inside us all that craves for someone to come along and shake things up. Someone who can convert our convenient, somewhat predictable,and often profitable expressions of religiousness into something more akin to freestylin’ with the Holy Spirit. We want to meet the One who turns our hearts into houses of prayer. We want to be continually amazed at his teaching.

We say we do, anyway.


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