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moncler down jacket a sense of quality and layering

Posted Oct 15 2012 3:48am
Indulgence hustle and bustle of the city, a big, tough construction, decorative antique in the conversion of thinking faster than the replacement of the material, moncler coats rapid changes in equipment, interpretation of the big ideas in the career and life, between a small mind. Rigorous fabrics, simple techniques, a fit Slim version of the type, do not be too complicated decoration, successful men wear between reason and sensibility, the total could easily find a noble sense of balance! To break out from the traditional clothing moncler jackets men cukuang profile Chong Yu Business Men exquisite craft and elegant details of the modification, the modern version of the design, in starched neat add joy and comfort, for the insertion of the professional dress casual fun in color based on the traditional black and gray, dark blue, dark brown color, deconstruction through flexible on the details of an active, calm gift, continuation and sublimation men's business casual "Serious and harmonious", reflecting the steady yet fashion atmosphere, elegant, mature and exquisite extravagance basic concept, expression of the modern attitude of the modern workplace nouveaux riches! British Guzhen a vintage clothing moncler jackets on sale workshop, the walls hung with posters of famous British rock band The Beatles, says a shop tagline: "Put on a suit, you will be unparalleled!" This sentence also points : suit, is not only the formal side! In the the suits original design ideologically symmetrical elements added, with the most strict doctrine of simple feather new material re-match, the arrogant, restrained, elegant, self and other emotional integration, so that traditional business attire to get rid of a dull, produce street yuppie flu. Upstart as a career, they drifted away from the edge of the fashion ladder in the glitz and simplicity, between tradition and modernity, elegance and individuality, romance and able. Chong Yu Men using a different material cheap moncler fabric bold attempt to material with a matte fully embodies the sense of quality and layering of clothing, simple style, the performance of the wisdom of the modern city, independent, self-confident, fashion and cultural sense. Syria again the story of urban upstart: whether the elements of modern life, post-modern design, they will continue to excavate this era full of contrast! "Simplicity is the most TOP fashion, Chong Yu Men subversion everything from art, change, multicultural fantasy return to a natural and comfortable, and people-oriented fashion realm. Modern urban workplace fashion life than men, they-thinking, know how to enjoy the gentle, decent, generous and sensible calm. They can always be moncler jackets easily from Ambilight nightclub regression to full of intangible sell cigarettes workplace dress with the most simple type of clothing attitude, laughing, wall scull or ashes! Clothes inspired by the yin and yang, and in today's world of old and new the unique beauty collision.
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