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Many Operation Systems are swallowing Apple’s IOS Marketing

Posted Feb 10 2012 8:12am



A better operating system

Android 3.0 operating system is Google in order to fight against apple launched the flat operating system, but after release, consumers soon learn that Android 3.0 operating system is much less than the iOS system has so smooth and methods of operation. In addition there are also looking for design of many defects, and no good software support. If want to beat apple iPad or wait for valley song will do much more Android operating system to force to say again.

More and better application

When Steve jobs introduced the iPad 2, he mentions Android tablet computer application is too little, and iPad 2 has nearly 65000 applications (not including the iPhone applications can be used). The iPad is ahead of the Android tablet of a one of the main factors. So Android tablet computer must have more applications and the application quality has security.

The more powerful appearance

We all know a choice except apple because he rich applications and smooth operation experience outside, modern appearance is also one of the important factors. And apple iPad 2 conference the frivolous also makes more appearance of this flat in use process experience degree is preferred. So the appearance is extremely important one of the factors, to want to go beyond the apple iPad 2 to must have in advance of his appearance design, whether from appearance vogue spend or take comfort in the hand in a breakthrough. IPad's biggest significance lies in the concept of the tablet computer will transfer to average consumer, more than ever before in the flat is the main application medical, education and so on some industries. Much large size is for the user to read music eye more comfortable and inch screen but appear more embarrassed. This size is not easy to woman's bag, also be the man pockets, even somebody puts forward, iPad will use from "pocket gens" fell "backpack gens", but most of iPad users want to watch DVD movie on iPad, but Apple iPad doesn’t support it, so we have to use DVD to iPad converter to change dvd moive to iPad compatible video format.

A cheaper price

In fact the market good board also not be in the minority, take a MOTOROLA XOOM for, no contract in the purchase price of $800, compared with the price in the most expensive version of the iPad 2 for $29 only cheap, but know apple iPad 2 the cheapest version only need 499 dollars. If you want to succeed beat apple iPad not that at least you want and it has the same value, even lower prices, or is almost impossible.

ipad converter

Here a few net friends to ask, the apple iPad is just a digital products, have what to say? In fact we today to say is mainly through to see apple iPad tablet computer dynasty in the market intrigue, and hero of the story has not only apple, Steve jobs, there are millions and millions of apple fans. So let a few words to begin. For their own regulations and rules, many developers launched softwares to help iPod user to transfer music from iPod to computer. iPod to Computer Transfer is one of the best ones. It can backup all your iPod content to your computer like music, videos, photos etc. The following content is the easy way for transferring music from iPod to computer or iTunes. Many iPad users want to watch their favorite DVD movies on iPad. With DVD to iPad Converter's help, it's easy to do this. This software can convert DVD to iPad and can also convert all kinds of video to iPad easily and freely.

Apple iPad in cause global concern at the same time, will not only be tablet computer in the manufacture and popularization application to the climax, also let many of the two, three lines terminal manufacturers to try, in their eyes, tablet computer might not just a transitional product, it will affect the leading consumer spending, therefore, will stimulate the market to the iPad tablet computer enthusiasm. Apple's vision is sharp, perhaps set text, images, sound and video in one of the tablet computer and electronic reading device will lead the tide of reading in the media. Face the future flat electronic reading device prospect, apple will inevitably preemptive opportunities, even if it is only magnified by the iPod, the size of the itouch, plus reading function. Apple iPad with the company already has the good oral traditions, in a certain extent, is the test of cope with the market.

In fact as a new digital products, and the weakness of the largest tablet computer when the system and application, although Android operating system momentum is fierce, but the application is its biggest weakness. And the Windows operating system application is enough, but operation experience is sent to the extreme. And apple iPad does not only can use the apple on the iPhone software program, also a rapid expansion of HD level software, the software in the App Store sales for developers on provided a lot of income, so in less than a year in time for the apple iPad using software, more than 300000 of the number, the advantage that apple don't fear of the impact of any hand, although not necessarily buy tablet computer users can choose the apple iPad, but buying an apple iPad users will be expressed satisfaction product basically.

When say how many important the application for a tablet computer? Then look at the entire annual 2010 tablet computer shipments will know, apple iPad sales of about 18 million units, fully account for the annual flat plate computer 83% of total sales, it also makes a lot of flat computer city line complained repeatedly, instead of relying solely on price sure apple products make money iPad low, even if prices lower, advantage and not too obvious.

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