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Living With An Alcoholic When You Don’t Drink: 5 Coping Tips

Posted Apr 30 2010 10:26am

Living with an alcoholic husband  or alcoholic wife when you don’t drink is particularly difficult because you feel like you are modeling the right behavior to no avail. Maybe you even used to drink too much, but you were willing to stop drinking alcohol. You feel you are being very supportive and keeping the home environment free of triggers for his/her alcohol abuse ( which is more effort than many other spouses make), so what else can you do to help him/her quit drinking alcohol?

  • Recognize that you can’t control your alcoholic spouses alcohol problem.
  • Let your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife suffer the consequences of their excessive drinking. This is the most positive influence you can have in encouraging alcohol recovery. Do not cancel appointments for them, call their boss, or make excuses for them to your kids, other family members, or friends.
  • Alcoholic spouses respond best to concerns about their drinking only when they are sober.
  • Encourage your alcoholic spouse to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and you can try Al-Anon meetings (these meetings can give you a lot of support).
  • Consider arranging an alcoholic intervention, if necessary.

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