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Posted Aug 21 2007 6:15am
Quick blog from Hunter..Here is where we are at today. I wake up to the sound of Mark on the phone working. YES!!! This is familiar to me as this is what my dad did, my uncle did, and all other successful business people I know. About time for him to be BACK on track.. It isg reat to see the sparkle in Mark's eye. Work is fun when you are doing something you like and appreciated...I am liking my second job a lot. I am appreciated in this job, unlike the other part time job I have. I still don't love the work but it is good for today..And best of all is that we don't have to return soda cans to find money to fill the car up with gas. Hard to believe we have lived this way but we is scary.

ON another NORMAL note. My sister, and 2 nieces and one nephew-all in their 20's and 30's, except for my sister who is much older than me, came to our home for a family barbeque and reunion. This was the first time our famioy has done this as all my siblings are dysfunctional in one way or another. BUT their kids are GREAT. Getting all of us together minus one niece and her kids, one nephew and one sister, was amazing.AND best of all we ALL want to to it again next year. AND best of all it made a HUGE difference that my husband was sober. So all good on that front.

Anyway-I have to get to work as I only get paid by the hour and need the money.



P.S. Some have asked if they acan post a link to our blog from theirs..ABSOLUTELY YES! Just let me know and when I don't feel so overwhelmed and technically challenged I will add yours to our blog.
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