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Liaolan new aid to participate in joint training team Johnson: tune best condition can be completed in three to five days

Posted Oct 17 2012 2:36pm
In the afternoon of the 16th, Liaoning men's basketball new signing inside foreign aid Alexander Johnson for the first time to participate in joint training team. The the black well built, bouncing impressive and aggressive looks, just stands only 2 . 06 meters, Johnson hit inside the 5th bit seems partial short head, as season height is the same as 2 . 06 m Powell! Fringe players as former NBA Rockets, Yao's teammate, Johnson, the 16th for the first time appeared in Liaoning men's basketball team's training ground. At first glance, Johnson's tall, hulking guy with Liaoning Basketball players Han Dejun far cry from the significantly smaller. " Liaoning men's basketball position in 4-bit, the No . 5 position inside large foreign aid Joe Reitz Jerseys can play, but if the point of view from the height, Johnson is clearly more suitable for playing on the 4th bit big striker. Black players, Johnson's speed, hardness, explosive jumping ability in the day's training touches fairly good play. "The really good physical condition. " Liaoning men's basketball assistant coach pick Jun told reporters bluntly. Only Johnson in training looks some tired, even though he has come to Shenyang for a few days, but the physical condition is still not restored to the best. "These days have been busy with jet lag, it seems to take his best to adjust, have three to five days. " Johnson training told reporters. It is worth mentioning that the few seasons before Johnson had played Dwight Freeney Colts Jersey Nike Bracero in Dongguan teams and Shanxi team, is no stranger to the CBA, but to Shenyang is the first time. Shenyang days too cold for this cold weather, the best way is to hide in the hotel do not come out. "Johnson bluntly Road. Foreign aid to the CBA to play, the diet has always been one not avoid trouble. "These days have been in the hotel to eat Chinese food, although I do not know to these dishes What is the name, but I had almost learned to use chopsticks. " Johnson told reporters, "I like to eat fried rice, the kind of ham, vegetables mixed fried rice. course, I still prefer to eat Western food. "NBA players to play in China, Coby Fleener Nike Elite Jersey whenever the Rockets played lips love hanging Yao, Johnson is no exception. Mention of that in the Rockets hurriedly years, Johnson said rather proudly, when Yao's teammates really proud, "Yao Ming with former teammates, but he never talked to me about the Chinese league thing... ' Liaoning men's basketball that afternoon to resume training mainly grouped confrontation training is not much content, of which the main purpose is investigated Johnson's ability to state. For Johnson, the first-class performance, Liaoning men's basketball coach Wu Qinglong said: "Johnson body is relatively strong, should be the type of team needs, and his ability to break the second scramble also pretty good, personally more inclined 4 sign bit, and also with Hande Jun and Li Xiaoxu rotation. " It is composed by colts 10.17.2012
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