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Li Xing to new financial reporters

Posted Jan 11 2013 3:33am

South China Polytechnic University Li Xing, Director, school of journalism and  nike lunarglide 4   communication, Chinese radio and television establishment, is formed in order to be able to compete with the telecommunications systems of market players, thereby altering the huge gap between each other, pulling up and take this broadcasting standard, and competing for new Internet economy say.According to the 2011 China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom operator revenue totals about 982.2 billion yuan, 2011 the national broadcasting and television industry revenue of 289.5 billion yuan. Broadcasting system nearly 30% income only for the three major telecom operators.



Li Xing to new financial reporters, once China Radio and TV broadcasting network resource integration completed, after becoming a unified market, access to broadband network operators and other telecommunications business qualifications, after China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom will become, influential "operator IV"."China Radio and television to promote the establishment of highly dispersed network of cable TV industry has a national operation units, break the existing CATV network industry chain polymerization again, equivalent to a leading industry leader, making China's cable TV network industry's future innovation at the operational level,



  a certain base. "Wu Chunyong said. On January 7, Lenovo group targeting high-endnike free run 3 consumers for power (Erazer) X700 series of desktop computers. The model is designed to attract discerning gamers, it can install Picture-rich applications and high-end video games.Lenovo Group's aim is to attract gamers, but also for the consolidation of the company's leading position in the personal computer sector the latest measures. Industry analysts Gartner said in October last year, Lenovo has overtake HP as the world's biggest maker of personal computers in the summer. Tracking HP's global shipments of IDC said HP is difficult to defeat the Lenovo Group.


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