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letting go of old ideas

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm
It turns out I was wrong- again. A classmate of mine whom I have been convinced doesn't like me for some reason (oh, I've run the gamete with possible reasons) was assigned to be my lab partner today. My best pal in school walked in, saw the lab partner assignments, basically said she was hoping to never see her name next to his and wished me luck.

So with an impending sense of doom, especially since lab is 3 hours, I remembered to pray and pray I did. I prayed for my fear to be removed, for my preconceived ideas about him to be removed and to be shown how to be a good, contributing partner. The lab required the assignment of "team leader" and I got the sense to ask him if he would like to take the lead. This in itself is proof to me that I asked for spiritual help and got it because never even think of letting anyone else take the lead unless they specifically make it an issue. He seemed surprised and said sure. After that, I was the happy recorder and was just a partner of the team. It was a very pleasant surprise and another old idea in the trash.
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