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Let it Go!

Posted Jan 18 2012 10:41am
I'm feeling strangely emotional today.

I got on the train after the gym this morning, it was practically empty except for this father with his two young sons, I'd say maybe they were 4 and 6 years old.  He was teaching the 6 year old about something while the 4 year old sat & watched, lost interest and then gazed around the train.  Suddenly he just got up, ran over to his Dad, threw his arms around him and kissed him.  He said I love you Daddy....there were tears in my eyes.  It was a beautiful moment of unadulterated love. ....interesting the the word 'adult' is in there and being - un-adult is being free.

I was telling my friend this morning that I wish I could be less blocked, more free, un-adult if you will. Last nights meeting really made me think about how for me this process of living sober has taught me much about myself, and how slowly over time. I'm able to take, leave or fight with the things that honor my higher self.  I've a feeling lately that there's a whole bunch of shit I need to let go of, old idea, old beliefs, old habits that truly no longer serve me but they are comfortable & known so I stick with em.

I always think of a quote my Dad used to say and forgive me in advance for not knowing who to credit it to:
"When you come to the edge of all existence as you know it and must leap out into the unknown, you will either be provided with a soft place to land or you will be given wings to fly" - Here's to faith!
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