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KFC "crash chicken" event after exposure, the Cheap Beats By Dre reporter yesterday

Posted Dec 22 2012 7:43am

KFC "crash chicken" event after exposure, the Cheap Beats By Dre reporter yesterday from the municipal public health supervision of the guard, prison department has set up a file in the first time emergency deployment, from now on, will the range includes KFC, McDonald's and even the street Fried chicken leg, chicken products the thorough check.

According to introducing, at present, the city health department is prison outline key detection hormone and additive list and check plan, and strive to do the most targeted spot check. At the same time, the city will be questioning KFC the responsible person of the enterprise, the comprehensive survey information.

Beijing animal health supervision have also issued a notice yesterday, will strengthen the shandong and the check of the QinChanPin group dynamics. "Two" period has always been a cheap beats  animal epidemic and livestock product quality security events and YiFaQi sensitive period, the Beijing municipal animal health supervision have said yesterday, to strengthen transportation link animal health supervision work. Aviation, railway, highway animal epidemic prevention supervision and inspection station to insist on 24 hours on duty, focusing particularly on shandong and QinChanPin group of inspection dynamics, make relevant information registration, accurately grasps the flow of QinChanPin. To raise the sectors of feed use, city move, said prisons should crack down on violation of the standard is used feed additives, add banned substances and sales from the illegal activities such as ingredients.

By KFC supplier and group "crash chicken" event influence, yesterday a-share market related chickens, ducks class agriculture shares once slump, but in the related companies have said left clear and "crash chicken", the relationship between the share price immediately rebound, investors through A false alarm.

And the drunkard wine "plasticizer event" exposure after the market reaction was similar, CCTV exposure crash chicken incident, yesterday A share A opening, chickens, ducks class agriculture shares and A shares with mount taishan type PaoPan, and be exposure company there is A direct relationship between the equity hope (000876) low open low go, the highest 7.5% decline. In addition, huaying agriculture (002321), SAN agriculture development (002299), the probiotic shares (002458), KangDaEr (000048), and shares (002234) and other related industries shares have plunged, fall in the range between 3% and 5%, while the grail fell only 0.3% or so.

In the beats by dre cheap face of the shares of the crash, many retail investors began to feel nervous, have guba BBS for help, "breeding class agriculture share what's the matter? Can is a drunkard wine?" The good news is, this kind of panic and didn't last too long, then market news show, the related listed companies into a "crash chicken" event less likely.

Holy agriculture development securities business representatives in inquiry to the media said, "the crash chicken" event to affect our company is not big, even is a good thing, the company can took the opportunity to take some market. Other companies also have said "no influence", or "no response". In the "comfort" after, the stock market panic basic flat, the company's stock began to rebound in succession.

"Agriculture shares now is a strongly, a state of extreme nervousness ah." For recently frequent food safety problems, many retail investors began to lose faith agricultural shares today, "a false alarm, but don't know how to end the next", some investors even said, "maybe is to avoid the shelter when head".

In the "instant chicken" event exposure, in addition to KFC fast-food chain enterprise involved, such as the  domestic well-known meat birds and beasts supplier shandong and group also suspected of among them, the parent company hope (000876) share price yesterday once slump, cause market focus.

White chicken was introduced into the Chinese market, because of its short growth cycle and high RouLiao than in shandong, henan and other major livestock and poultry culture zones is highly valued. Due to the white chicken growth cycle only forty days or so, much lower than the domestic traditional scattered chicken, so the cycle around the breeding process may be illegal use of antibiotics, hormone drugs that always constantly, and repeated exposure also make industry risk exposed gradually.

The data shows, shandong and group co., LTD. In 2011, then changed to purchase new hope and new hope of a joint stock limited company, the company had earlier is shuanghui, McDonald's, KFC and processing, catering enterprise's important purchaser.

New hope yesterday opened 7.5% share prices collapse, once cause market panic, but then slow rebound, the closing only micro fell 1.43%. After closing reporters call hope ask about "crash chicken" the latest events, the office of the board of directors of the company a staff, told reporters, to "crash chicken" cheap dr dre beats events, the company is verification report related content, but there is no verification conclusion that, once the verification results come out, will be with the relevant departments communication, to decide whether to release related announcement.

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