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jungle cheetah lancel purses general

Posted Nov 16 2012 5:24am
 so don't stay all answer, she also quickly came out of the hall. And she's just a walk down the steps, and came to the parking lot exports are catching up with JiangHaiLong rapidly lancel purses open car from underground parking lot came out, so she a striding is stopped in front of the car. JiangHaiLong slam the brakes on, black crazy hit a car xw880cc20121116 horn. Von small exceptionally not angry, but with the finger refers to the co-pilot, two step went to co-pilot side, opened the door drill in. Car "sou" sound ran out, at that time, von small one foot still outside, have closed the door. Don't ignore jumped out of the von small, JiangHaiLong deep breath, the like dialed a phone number, rang three times, there pick up, he just said: "the big boss, I have trouble, for your help!"Black bentley is like through the jungle cheetah lancel purses general, said the new car has run in period, unfavorable quick opening, but the JiangLaoSi return where pipe got so much? Along the way, no matter who people less, no matter the red light green, bentley car per hour always at two hundred or more. Beautiful shuttle, throwing crook the drift, JiangHaiLong as excessive adrenaline, the Shanghai urban streets, as his main battlefield. Von small face early green, both hands is a log button in the armrest, the whole body trembling with. She found himself on the pirate ship, met the real crazy, the vice minister jiang is a hair crazy Wolf. But she ever since and but also said xw880cc20121116 not a word, even ifcanada goose coats JiangHaiLong drive flew to get up, she also just dead life of bite a tooth, under the thrilling stimulation, under his own adrenaline rocketed. Finally, after about their minutes
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