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Joy Joy Joy

Posted Mar 17 2010 8:54am
What a GLORIOUS day here in NYC. I'll start by thanking God for that. I am filled with JOY today. I like the way it feels, and what's funny is it comes from within but not really as expected.

Our second concert last night rocked.  I enjoyed it so much and even had a chance to stop & take it all in during our performance.  It felt amazing to be a part of it all. I am grateful that I can accept that today.

I had an interesting evening last night full of challenges,(not to my sobriety - thank God), and maybe challenges is even too harsh a word, more like some navigational things. A few moments where I had to look at the map of my life and really stay true to course. Address the issue. Listen. Repsond with honesty and then the hardest part of all....TRUST.  After a good nights sleep, I can look at these actions, honor them and also see even a few blips where I wasn't in the right and had let my past overcome my present. I owned up to that this morning. and turn back to TRUST.  Why?  Because I've been given no proof not to TRUST.

I am grateful that I got to hold my friend's baby yesterday!!!!!  At just 8 hours old, I could already tell we're going to have a very long history together.  A beautiful 8lb baby girl: Samantha
I am grateful for the beautiful day today
I am grateful for having an experience last night that I will remember the rest of my life & getting to share it with some people who I'm so glad are in my life and were there last night
For JOY filled hugs
For the ability to actually talk about my feelings, even if it's difficult
For being honest and true to myself
For having standards, holding to them because they really do come
For asking questions yesterday and listening for the answers instead of not listening to the ones I didn't want to hear
For the fact that everything looks better in the morning: a very wise woman once told me that and it stays true to this day
For evolution and growth emotionally, even if it's uncomfortable.
For LOVE!!
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