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James shape "all-around champion," brush data pick professional 35 times three double

Posted Feb 25 2013 3:53am
The heat continues hot state. Beijing time on February 24, 114-90 on the road they win over 76 people, firmly holds the best head east. James in the game contribution three pairs, scoring 16 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds; Wade 33 points and 6 rebounds, in addition to the heat and four players in double. Cheap Kobe 7 Win the, the heat has made 10 winning streak, the past seven seasons they have only one has more than ten consecutive decision. "Little emperors" James in the game trying to portray itself as "almighty soldier", this is his career 35 times three pairs, the active player after Jason kidd. For this kind of "brush data" behavior, zhan emperor is not the truth: "The heat and winning streak, the rockets in the game but by reversal of the wizards. Beijing time on February 24, the rockets led by 17 points has been reversed, the last time was after wizards, with a 103-105 loss to rival, winning streak end. LinShuHao state not beautiful, nine shots in the 2 only get 5 points, 1 rebounds and six assists. In the past 13 games, LinShuHao have 11 games to score in double, the state is quite stable. But the last three games, he averaged 37.3 minutes for physical consumption, serious. The first half, LinShuHao minutes only 13 points, 4 46 seconds for 0, there is no score. In the second half, he is still doing nothing on the offensive end, the rockets finally be reversed. To this, LinShuHao after the game said in an interview: "I don't feel well, I'm not sure is a cold or what disease, anyhow this I play very well, I should have a better performance. Jenny: (a beat, he went on to say: "today I gave the team's contribution does not enough, I hope to be able to find myself as soon as possible, the next game play well." Kobe 7 USA Washington is one of the settlement of Chinese in the United States, the Washington wizards at verizon center broke also attracted 20308 people came to watch, almost a full house, which LinShuHao especially for the Chinese fans a lot. "Loss of course very disappointed, I know a lot of people are staring at me, but I this did almost nothing." LinShuHao rather reluctantly said, "thank you for coming to cheer me on, although today you to be sure it is not much fun, but I still want to thank you."his time I won't let three pairs of slipping away, I had so many games because a assists or a rebound not reached three double. I want to stay at court, until grabbed the (tenth) rebound". In order to get three pairs, James and even give up a lot of chances to score and used to assists, this is he the game only 16 points the cause of the account. Of course, he is still the explanation is given, because "passing score more than let me happy." James strong let the part by 76 fans, though there are 76 people in faithful fans will pick up the ball the ball hit in James's face, but when chim huang shot-blocking inroads, site or cheers rang out.Since he began to enter the transition period after, his high scores on the field has become a rare scene, but the last forty points after the show, kobe Bryant and Dallas war rerun of 21 shots in the 13 off and points play, also had 12 rebounds and seven assists, to lead the lakers to a 103-99 victory over the Dallas mavericks. Kobe Bryant in a lakers game against the Portland trail blazers of crazy cut forty points and grabbed seven rebounds and 4 assists data, become the lakers win the biggest hero. Kobe 7 Big Bang When the ball back to the role of hand scoring model of game scene for quite some not too habit, but as long as the win is the hard truth. In the battle of Dallas, Bryant to open his own attack model, but with a game is different, he in scoring at the same time not forget his organization mission, this also let the lakers played more allfunction and more aggressive. Even for the game again Bryant scoring model, but in the past and that going to immediately after the ball forward to singles situation is different, he will often let Nash dribble first tried to play screen and roll fit, if not offensive words Nash will give him the ball. The offensive way successfully avoids the kobe Bryant had a monopoly all ball situation, because he is to his teammates involved in the offense opportunity, and is no longer a man from a to z dribbling, this is kobe Bryant restart after scoring model of transformation. Kobe Bryant began to take on more critical moment of the attack, and is no longer plain in the time of the brush data. Beginning in the fourth quarter, when the mavs a wave of 7-0 attack wave will tend to score after Bryant began to enter into his crazy scoring model, in the face of Claude's defense, "xia" first head on a empty shakes after a 3-pointer, and next is continuous two face Claude's personal defense singles hit. The fourth quarter with seven points and kobe seconds with Claude defensive when a turn back jumper later, he clenched his fist with a shout, grit your teeth and a pair of devils appearance. But the most wonderful is not this time performance, but life and death moment with his soul sword. The final 1 minute the lakers only led the mavericks 2 points, in this critical moment Bryant let Nash holding on to try to attack, but no chance, so the ball will once again return to the hands of kobe Bryant. "Xia" get the ball after carter's defense when facing a suddenly up to speed on the breakthrough, then a stop to make a shot of the fake, carter whole person was Bryant's fake sway to dive fly trying to block. Foamposite Air Max Fusion But this is just a fake just, kobe Bryant will be completely cheated carter after position very empty, direct a sure hit an. Kobe Bryant is to enter the score of model, but this kind of attack means no longer be defined as "alone", but the team I properties of the model. When he to restart their offense, life and death moment even god also for he felt panic, this is a cold-blooded killer basketball nature.
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