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it should be something nike air max 2011 sale wrong

Posted Oct 11 2012 8:30am
Lei Feng story: once, Lei Feng with Mr Zhang went to the countryside, while walking chat. I walked on, Lei Feng found at the foot of a what stumbled. He looked down and turned out to be a rusty screws will kick kicked to the curb. Mr Zhang asked: "What is the kick you?" Lei Feng said: "is a broken screw." After listening to Mr Zhang, silent, sinking screws picked up from the grass, clean the screws with a handkerchief stuffed into a shirt pocket. Lei Feng find it very strange. After a few days, Lei Feng followed Mr Zhang to the county Machinery Factory, on-site meetings. Machinery Factory, Mr Zhang asked the director: "If a screw is less in this machine, the machine also rotating it?" The director said: "it should be something nike air max 2011 sale wrong with it!" Smart Lei Feng this time has come to understand why the county party secretary To pick up the sinking small screws. I saw Mr Zhang from his pocket, pulled out a sinking screws solemnly handed over to the director. On the way back, Mr Zhang said: "Lei Feng, you see a small screw machine Without it can not do so!

Revolution, those of us who is the big and small screws, not missing anyone. Do not look at the positions not like you civil servants, our work is missing you do not line party where, it is necessary to work where the same time, the foundation of our country is also thin everywhere need to work hard, a screw can not be wasted, add up ah! "The two stories: one day, in the cinema, the film has not curtain. Surnamed Jia's pupils found on the front seat of a PLA uncle being attentively air max 1 cheap reading, feel very strange: the movies begin at any moment, and how reading a book? Pupils the probes a look, the original Uncle Lei Feng. Lei Feng is the school counselors in their schools. "Lei Feng uncle, so little time, you can also read books ah?": Pupils are very curious and asked. Short time? I've looked at three or four short time, but to see a count one, add up thing! Learn, do not seize the moment not ah! "
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