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It's process and experience of the process and cheap oakley sunglasses

Posted May 12 2012 6:43am

It's process and experience of the process and cheap oakley sunglasses

1. If customers have the original lens, we want to measure the degree of the pupil and away from the mirror. It's when cheap oakley Sunglasses
we want to combine the original lens degrees and computer to give him correct. Note: (the original lens degrees and computer single just do reference. We deal with it's single degree is in the customer see up and try after the degree).

2. In the above basis, we're in when customers to ask, the main purpose of the glasses, such as: look far, see into, or painting, watching the computer, accounting do accounts, etc, and that we want to press his actual require the adjustment degrees.

3. The computer's singles out if it was in 4.50 degrees Celsius, we need to let customers see bare eye sight (monocular, eyes) if it was in-4.50 degrees or more, you don't see bare eye sight, directly insert measure number.

4. It's insert degree and the mirror as if degree or a difference of 0.25 degrees and words, let customers try for a while. If it's the degrees and insert the mirror bigger difference degree, we must let customers try to wear, the shortest time not less than 25 minutes. Note: the first glasses to try more than 30 minutes.

5. Customers have the original lens, we're in insert, at first, with his original degree look up. Then, according to his eyesight combining computer it's single adjustment degrees.

6. Some customers more sensitive eyes, we will adjust the degree, the first full adjustment vision, and then his eyes and look, see whether his eyes look like fusion, if can't look like fusion is right amount adjustment degrees.

7. After wearing glasses with a check sight, to let the customer eyes and look up. Don't look worse. Note: two eyes visual function can't completely, the adjustment of the eyesight also not be completely, the definition and not be completely.

8. Astigmatism judgement and it's process:

(1) singles out of the computer it's scattered photometric higher than 1.00 degrees-may have astigmatism.

(2) insert it's vision correction in 0.6, to ask the customer look up have double and deformation of feeling. If there is a single right amount according to the computer it's added astigmatism specimens, cheap ray ban sunglasses
the scattered spectrophotometry correction. Axial according to computer it's single go, if customers don't feel comfortable adjustments a shaft. Every time adjust 5 degrees or so, until the adjusted to the best state.

(3) if the customer insert it's have astigmatism, we according to article 6 above adjust to clients more try, let customers see fake oakley sunglasses far, see, see ground brick, nearly any inspect content deformation. If there is to adjust luminosity and axial scattered. (axial adjust every time is 5 degrees)

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