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Is Your Recovering Alcoholic Spouse Struggling With Alcohol Cravings?

Posted Mar 12 2010 1:27pm

Is your alcoholic spouse in recovery and struggling with alcohol cravings? Do they have  a plan in place to prevent an alcoholic relapse? For example, are they going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on a regular basis? Do they have a sponsor they can call if they feel like relapsing? Are they working the 12 step program?

Do you live in fear thinking your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife may relapse? Their alcohol problem impacts you and your children, so you have a vested interest (to say the least) in their success in alcoholic recovery.

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Do you ever wonder if there are medications that can help your alcoholic spouse with alcohol cravings?  As a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction, there are 2 medications I prescribe on a regular basis that help with cravings. They are…

  • Vivitrol- reduces alcohol cravings by blocking the high from opiates and alcohol. It may speed up the healing process of the damaged brain from repeated alcohol exposure. The pill form is called Revia and the injectable form of Revia is called Viviatrol and lasts 30 days.
  • Campral- reduces alcohol cravings by affecting a neurotransmitter called glutamate. It restores the balance of glutamate in the brain.

Taking a medication to reduce alcohol cravings is only effective in conjunction with a 12 step program such as alcoholic anonymous. However, the medications can make it easier to say on the path of alcoholic recovery.

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