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Is Your Functioning Alcoholic Spouse in Denial?

Posted Dec 12 2010 11:39am

businessdrink Is Your Functioning Alcoholic Spouse in Denial? Most people married to alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife are frustrated because their spouse is in serious denial that they have an alcohol problem. Despite overwhelming evidence that they participate  in excessive drinking, your alcoholic spouse, a functioning alcoholic, believes they are in control of their drinking. Denial can persist for many years in a functioning alcoholic:

Here are the 3 main reasons a functioning alcoholic can remain in denial for so long:

1. Your alcoholic husband or wife drinks too much for so many years that when it  finally catches up with them, they are often in a late stage of the disease.

2. Your alcoholic spouse has not suffered the usual consequences of excessive drinking that breaks through denial such as divorce, a DUI, job loss etc. A functioning alcoholic is extremely resistant to help, even more so than most alcoholics I treat.

3. You and other family members and colleagues may be contributing to their denial problem by failing to accept that your spouse show signs of alcoholism. In other words, you may be in denial to. ( ).

High functioning alcoholics may drink excessively when when are out at business dinners  or are with colleagues. They will never share with you “drinking that next drink” is on their mind. They use their work as an excuse to drink  (“entertaining is part of my job’).

Despite being very responsible and successful at work, your alcoholic husband may be drinking and driving.  Look for other sign of alcoholism (how much does he drink when he is out? How often he is out drinking? Has he ever had a black-out? Has he been in alcohol withdrawal?).

Do not wait for the serious car accident or your alcoholic spouse to get a second DUI. Take action before a life threatening event takes place. Talk to your spouse about your concerns when he is sober. Consider arranging an alcoholic intervention, if necessary.

If you want additional help turning your marriage around  click here to register for my free report on, “ 5 Proven Methods For a Healthier Marriage With Your Alcoholic Spouse”. It may save your family’s life. The information in this report gives you very simple strategies that could very well save your marriage.

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